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*******www.ilmagi****/Ventas/computadoras/9.html Hi, my name is Vincent. When it comes to computers, internet, and other tech stuff, I'm sort of a GEEK! I'm 33 now, and my love/hate relationship with computers started about 20 years ago. I eat, sleep, and breathe computers; you can find me online at least 80 hours per week – I'm a workaholic ;-) . I'm the owner of two internet businesses, with staff in six different countries. We manage a network of eStores and standalone product sites. In total, we have around 350 sites and at least a couple thousand web2.0 pages. As you can see in my photo, I have three systems on my desk. But that's not all! I have Windows systems in almost every room throughout the house, and each of these systems has been tweaked and optimized. Windows XP was okay. Windows Vista was terrible. But it looks as though Microsoft has nailed it with Windows 7. Well . . . almost nailed it. I love working with Windows 7, but I’ve tweaked ALL my systems to get the most out of them. Windows 7 is faster, more stable, and more reliable than all the previous operating systems – but you need to tweak your system. Do you want to know more? *******www.ilmagi****/Ventas/computadoras/9.html
27 Sep 2010
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