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*******www.todaysfinancialnews**** -- Green Chip Stocks editor Nick Hodge analyzes the prospects for alternative energy stocks in 2008 and picks his favorites. To watch the latest FREE TFN Hot Stock Pick of the Week video, please follow this link: *******www.todaysfinancialnews****/videos/?channelID=15&showID=460
19 Jan 2008
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Starting this April Fool's Day the Alternative Energy Comedy Show broadcasts five days a week at AlternativeEnergy****. Hosted by stand-up comedian Chuck Roy (Last Comic Standing Semi-finalist) the show features stand-up comedy routines about Alternative Energy. An impossible topic is made funny guest comedian Hippieman. * * *
1 Apr 2008
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AlternativeEnergy****’s The Alternative Energy Comedy Show features stand-up comedy routines about Alternative Energy. An impossible topic is made funny by the host, Chuck Roy, and his guest comedian Hippieman.
24 Jul 2009
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Stand-up comedians get funny about all things solar, wind powered and more with the Alternative Energy Comedy Show. Chuck Roy hosts. Eugene Kenny guests.
9 Feb 2009
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Shows the alternate energy machine produced by Advanced Energy Research Corporation ( www.advancedenergyresearch**** ) that makes TrueFuel, a hydrogen based fuel. "TrueFuel is the Answer."
10 Oct 2008
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The T-CO Frog is an educational tool developed to introduce children, and capture their interest, in alternative energy solutions. Here the T-CO Frog is sitting in a tank of biodiesel while it is being washed.
18 Jun 2008
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Alternative Energy Kaizen [ *******JukSite****/AlternativeEnergy ] Potential in the sources of alternative energy that nature offers us every day but we're not smart enough to collect it on a large scale. When I say alternative energy..
20 Jul 2009
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A major conference in the UK has been exploring the issues of alternative energy and sustainability- and the effects of climate change- for the military and the various wings of the armed forces.
2 Mar 2009
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'''►► h*******Magnet4Power.Net - ''' The most popular alternative energy source. Use the Magniwork Magnetic Energy Generator to make free electricity for life! Easy and inexpensive to install. Alternative Energy is the future! '''►► h*******Magnet4Power.Net - '''
9 Aug 2009
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*******ambigrid**** Ambigrid: Alternative Energy solar panels "Who Else Wants To Create Their Own Electricity And Laugh At Rising Energy Prices While Saving The Environment And Having The Electricity Company Pay You?" "46-Year-Old Home Energy Expert Discovers The Only Practical Method Of Generating Your Own electricity For Less Than $200 And Finally Reveals Everything, In Easy To Follow, Fully Illustrated Manuals + Step-By-Step Instructional Videos"
18 Jul 2009
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*******snurl****/freeelectric - By constructing the magniwork power generator, you will be able to generate completely free electric energy, meaning , create energy without needing any source of renewable or non-renewable energy...*******snurl****/freeelectric - alternate fuels, alternative energy stocks, windmill electricity, alternatefuels,alternativeenergystocks,windmillelectricity
24 Jan 2010
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*******Magnet4Power**** - Economic Payback on Magnet Power System - Alternative Energy Sources For Saving Energy at Home - These days a lot of homes are using energy at very high rates. Indeed people even use electricity more than they need and are prepared to pay for it. There are others who like to conserve energy so they pay less for it. Whichever side you are on there are a number of alternative energy sources that could help you save money. One of the most common forms of alternative energy sources is the energy from the sun known as the solar energy. It is a type which could be installed in your home with solar panels on your roof. It could be used to heat your home, power household appliances, dry your clothes among others. It will serve as a back up when all the electricity has been totally used up. Indeed a lot of people have developed interest in the solar power system that they use it to power their entire home. Apart from the solar system, there is another type of energy source known as biogas. Here energy is manufactured from the decomposition of a number of materials considered as waste. The gas could then be stored in cylinders for use in homes. They can provide a convenient way of using electricity and could help in saving cost on the heating if your home. This is the case if you live in a very cold weather area. Another of the alternative energy sources is the electric magnetic power that has been popping up in various locations across the nations. This is because they provide a unique alternative to the provision of power instead of electricity. This technology actually has been found years ago and now is very popular. Electric magnetic power technology has helped to transform it into an energy producing machine. This has made them to be very much appreciated by people and governments around the world. There is no doubt that there are a number of alternative energy sources that one can take into consideration. Such sources really offer one a great way of saving electricity as well as saving cost from the use of energy sources. As a matter of fact, it will be very beneficial to you if you take time to find the most cost effective and practical one for your home. If you are able to install any of these in your home you will be helping to make the environment cleaner. Are you looking for a way to slash your power bill with a alternative energy sources? Support your own home with a magnetic generator and save thousands a year by CLICKING HERE!
13 Mar 2010
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