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The American Film Institute honored Fred's 76 years in show business in this 1981 tribute. Sitting next to Fred is his daughter, Ava. His sister Adele, whom he mentions, had just passed away the year before.
13 Sep 2009
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17 Apr 2008
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2008 USA 101min Video DIR/SCR Daniel Stamm PROD Brian Udovich, GJ Echternkamp In this provocative drama, Gilbert, a film student, places an ad: “Looking for a suicidal individual.” Of the numerous applicants, he chooses Matt, dying from incurable cancer. But can Gilbert and his girlfriend Valerie follow through with their movie’s devastating finale? Or will saving matt’s life come first? Sat. Nov 8, 7:00 pm, Mann 03 / Sun. Nov 9, 3:30 pm, Mann 06
8 Oct 2008
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2008 USA 88 MIN VIDEO DIR Tricia Todd, Eric Matthies PROD Eric Matthies, AJ Schnack He’s written and recorded numerous hits and worked with Berry Gordy, Ike turner and Stevie Wonder, to name a few. But Andre Williams has also struggled with addiction, poverty and homelessness. This documentary follows as he embarks upon another comeback and faces up to his years of reckless living. Fri. Nov 7, 9:40 pm, ArcLight 08 / Sun. Nov 9, 3:00 pm, ArcLight 08
22 Nov 2008
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2008 SPAIN 93 MIN 35MM DIR F. Javier Gutiérrez SCR Juan Verlarde, F Javier Gutierrez PROD Antonio Perez, José Ibáñez With a meteorite on a collision course with earth, the inhabitants of the village of Laguna, including the ne’er-do-well ale, face a series of desperate decisions in this harrowing mash-up of sci-fi, American Western and Andalusian thriller. Sun. Nov 2, 1:30 pm, ArcLight 09 / Wed. Nov 5, 7:00 pm, Mann 03
9 Oct 2008
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Muy buenas amigos este canal esta enfocado al mundo cinematográfico. Espero que les guste. Muchas gracias por visitarnos. Hasta la próxima : )
2008 USA 83 MIN VIDEO DIR Chris Taylor PROD Chris Taylor, Mark Rossen What’s in your basket? the food you buy at the supermarket isn’t as fresh and healthy as you think. This fascinating doc reveals how corporate-driven American agricultural policies co-opted our food system and how alternative growers and their local, sustainable and tasty foods are taking it back. Sat. Nov 8, 3:15 pm, Mann 06
12 Jan 2009
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2008 USA 78 MIN 35MM DIR/SCR Bill Plympton PROD Biljana Labovic Animation legend Bill Plympton returns with his funniest, most high-concept film—the story of a sloppy, selfish and insensitive man who, after wings sprout on his back, is compelled to do the kind of good deeds he abhors. Plus, he must cope with the side effects of having wings: fame and fortune. Preceded by short film HOT DOG. Wed. Nov 5, 9:40 pm, ArcLight 09 / Thu. Nov 6, 1:00 pm, ArcLight 10
16 Nov 2008
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2008 UGANdA / USA 87 MIN VIDEO DIR Kief Davidson PROD Kief Davidson, Liz Silver Kidnapped at age 6 and turned into a child soldier—both a victim and perpetrator of war crimes—Kassim ‘the dream’ Ouma has dreams of becoming a world champion boxer. His startling tale of survival and success is real-life proof that humans, against the longest odds, can turn tragedy into inspiration. Sat. Nov 8, 7:00 pm, ArcLight 14 / Sun. Nov 9, 12:30 pm, ArcLight 08
9 Oct 2008
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Part of the Shorts Four -- Amuse Bouche Block at AFI Fest 2008. Thu. Nov 6, 9:50pm, Arclight 10 Fri. Nov 7, 12:30pm, Arclight 10
26 Mar 2009
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(PINDORAMA—A VERDADEIRA HISTÓRIA DOS SETE ANÕES) 2008 BRAZIL 84 MIN VIDEO DIR Roberto Berliner, Lula Queiroga, Leo Crivellare A wandering family of performers—all dwarves, all children of a legendary Brazilian clown—travels the countryside celebrating magic, humanity, happiness and courage. in this award-winning documentary, a team of filmmakers follows this remarkable, enchanting circus as it charms audiences. Mon. Nov 3, 9:30 pm, ArcLight 08 / Wed. Nov 5, 3:00 pm, ArcLight 08
9 Oct 2008
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Part of the Shorts Two--Adults Only Cartoon Show Block at AFI Fest 2008. Tue. Nov 4, 3:15pm, Arclight 13 Wed. Nov 5, 9:45pm, Arclight 13
26 May 2009
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Part of the Shorts One--Alt Shorts Block at AFI Fest 2008. Sat. Nov 8, 9:45pm, Arclight 08 Sun. Nov 9, 12:45pm, Arclight 13
12 Oct 2009
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