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Information about Hinduism & Yoga
American Indian names have been a joke for long enough. Joke is on the white man now.
24 Jan 2008
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How many IDOL are there In the World 'American, Indian, Canadian etc'
11 Jul 2008
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We join the Longest Walk in Taos, NM and talk with American Indian Movement's Dennis Banks... Dennis has a long history standing up and fighting for human rights, look him up if you're not in the know. Haven't heard of The Longest Walk? Of course you haven't - most mainstream media ignored it and 'new media/bloggers' like the Huffington Post missed it. New Media/blogging has a LONG way to go. Most bloggers are carbon copies of who and what they see on T.V. and outlets like the Huffington Post continue the trend of only giving a voice to the over educated, out of touch, wanna be writers posing as a journalists. Tip to the world of 'news' reporting - Wanna get the dirt? employ a plumber, drug dealer, stripper or someone who lives off of food stamps and you'll truly have your ear to the street. And to the blogging community - your podcamps and new media expos are lacking what would truly make blogging/podcasting something respectable - breaking the news that the white washed huffington posts of the world miss and reporting on folks of differing backgrounds and color. Shame on ALL who missed reporting on The Longest Walk. *******www.longestwalk**** Distributed by Tubemogul.
9 Sep 2008
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opening a new store i am giving away FREE 10 8x10 original native american photos from 1870-1880 *******
6 Sep 2009
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7 Feb 2012
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I am cool
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3 Sep 2009
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12 Feb 2010
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Why My American-Indians Lost Their Land
26 Nov 2011
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To the persons concerned and people who would like to see...
9 Nov 2006
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Native American Prayer.
18 Apr 2007
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This Song was Recorded Around 20 years ago so the recording is not up to par. it was taking from a copy of a copy. Master was lost. The Song Is Being Remix after the new year. The Shadow's Along With This Beautiful Video.
29 Nov 2007
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16 Nov 2009
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