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A star, Miyuki Goto (Ko Shibasaki) plays Oiwa, the protagonist in a new play based on the ghost story Yotsuya Kaidan. She pulls some strings to get her lover, Kosuke Hasegawa (Ebizo Ichikawa) cast in the play, even though he’s a relatively unknown actor. Other performers Rio Asahina (Miho Nakanishi) and Jun Suzuki (Hideaki Ito) lust after Miyuki. Off stage the cast’s possessive love and obsessions exist as reality. Trapped between the play and reality, the cast’s feelings for each other are amplified. When it becomes clear that love is not meant to be both on and off stage, love turns into a grudge and crosses the blurred line between reality and fantasy.
30 Jul 2014
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Newly Emerging Treatment Options for Mesothelioma Article highlights: 1. The earlier methods in mesothelioma treatment have a lot of complexities. 2. Radiation and chemotherapy remove the healthy cells along with the infected cells. 3. Surgery cannot be carried out at the early stage. 4. Newer techniques prevent the loss of healthy cells and are more precise in target. 5. Virotherapy employs virus to kill infected cells. 6. Gene therapy is capable of manipulating the genes of infected cells. 7. Photodynamic therapy uses light to get rid of cancerous cells. 8. Biological therapy amplifies the immune response to effectively fight cancerous cells. 9. Anti-angiogenesis blocks the formation of new blood vessels. 10. Cells treated with photosensitive drugs will die when light at a particular wavelength is beamed on them. Read more: ******* #Mesothelioma #Cancer #Health
15 Aug 2016
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In the event that you are searching for the best penis pump to amplify your penis securely, viably, easily and in the most developed way then BathmateExtreme**** is a definitive online store to help you accomplishing your objective.********www.bathmateextreme****/
15 Sep 2016
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Product Links and Tech Specs Amazon**** ( ******* ) Amazon india ( ******* ) Flipkart ( ******* ) Snapdeal ( *******www.snapdeal****/product/sony-nwa25-16gb-hires-audio/654077940908?utm_source=aff_prog&utm_campaign=afts&offer_id=17&aff_id=88262 ) Headphones used (product Links) MDR XB 30 EX Amazon**** ( ******* ) Amazon india ( ******* ) Flipkart ( ******* ) Snapdeal ( *******www.snapdeal****/product/sony-headphones-mdrxb30bc-black/1447613?utm_source=aff_prog&utm_campaign=afts&offer_id=17&aff_id=88262 ) # World's smallest and lightest Hi-Res Audio music player with Digital Noise Cancelling # Premium components and high quality wireless streaming via LDAC for absolute clarity # Long battery life for extended playback time (50hr MP3, 30hr HRA) # 16GB internal memory & microSD slot for large music collections (480 FLAC 24bit files) # Sony Walkman NW-A25 with S-Master HX full digital amplifier Tracks used 1.Made To By Canvai ********soundcloud****/canvai Listen and Download Track here ************/watch?v=424_L0XGfw4 2.Ascending by Silencyde ********soundcloud****/silencyde Listen and Download Track here ************/watch?v=n7XvAI6QGM0 3.Life by tobu ********soundcloud****/7obu Listen and download here ************/watch?v=dJSgjsrDQqs 4.Magic (Original Mix) by tobu & itro ********soundcloud****/7obu ********soundcloud****/itro Listen and Download track here ************/watch?v=GY6CA4ib7tg 5.Jumper (Original mix) by PlatinumEDM ********soundcloud****/platinumedm Listen and Download Track Here ************/watch?v=SW6OFtw03iw 6.Love Night by Twisterium ********soundcloud****/twisterium Listen and Download track Here ************/watch?v=Rtp8pTjukow For free songs for your youtube videos/other projects visit youtube****/plugnplaymusic Like and subscribe for more videos Thanks for watching :)
27 Oct 2016
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Travel Email Lists from B2B Email Experts are exclusively prepared to amplify the marketing results of travel businesses. We all know that the travel industry is growing at a fast pace globally. The increasingly global nature of business means that every day millions of people are traveling as part of their jobs.
3 Nov 2016
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Pinard Stethoscope | Fetoscope is a device, that is utilized to listen the heart rate of a fetus during pregnancy. It is a kind of stethoscope that was formerly called as Fetoscope. This equipment is usually manufactured by Plastic, Aluminium or Wood and it is gossipy. Pinard Stethoscope functions similarly to an ear trumpet through amplifying sound. We have been considered as the well-known Manufacturers, Exporters, and Suppliers of Pinard Stethoscope | Fetoscope all over the world. You can write us a mail or contact us for further details.
20 Dec 2016
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Contains footage from a Dec, 2016 super moon. We then slowed it down 8X, zoomed in, and amplified the red spectrum. The end result seems to be every evil image used for him. This is the god of the politicians and elite, as they are given power here instantly to satisfy theire lust for power and desire. BUT, the day has arrived to pay the piper, as everything MUST balance out in the end. So....from obama to queen elizabeth..., enjoy those Antarctic(buzz aldren) bunkers, as they will become eventual tombs..... 0__8 Understand that evil has NOTHING but fear and illusion: They are so unsettling to look at because they wear the reflection of their soul on the outside so we who can see will recognize, although this ugly m-ff'er would be pretty hard to miss. Understand that fear is all they have, and they fall like domino's....
7 Jan 2017
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Sdyn’s Power Amplifiers use compact and extremely efficient power modules. These help to amplify the small electrical signal from the Vibration Controller to a proportionally high voltage and high current output, that is ideal to drive the shaker.
16 Jan 2017
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Ziip Beauty - available now at b-glowing. WHAT IT IS A hand-held electrical facial device that treats numerous skin conditions including signs of aging and blemishes. BENEFITS FOR YOU • Encourages collagen and elastin production. • Promotes lymphatic drainage and increases circulation. • Eradicates acne-causing bacteria. • Comes with a two month supply of Golden Conductive Gel (18 vials). • Includes access to the ZIIP Beauty App for iPhone/iPad for additional treatment plans. YOU’LL EXPERIENCE The hand-held device glides over the conductive gel providing a painless facial treatment that corrects multiple skin conditions. Results are visible after a month of continued use when using the device 3 times a week. WHY IT’S GLOWING This luxurious wireless, gold-rimmed device offers professional-grade spa treatments in the privacy of your own home. The electrical currents register one billionth of one ampere stimulating the skin’s levels of ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) which deteriorates as we age. These concentrated zaps jump-start cells giving them the fuel they need for increased blood circulation and enhance the production of collagen and elastin for a smoother, plumper appearance. The device comes pre-programmed with the "Energize Cocktail", a 12-minute rejuvenating and preventative treatment that firms, tightens and brightens skin. Other treatments are wirelessly uploaded directly to the device with the use of the ZIIP Beauty App. The device includes a two month supply of the Golden Conductive Gel which is the perfect amplifier to generate electrical flow, while also containing high concentrations of cutting-edge active ingredients to treat the skin. What's more, the device comes with a charger (USB cable + wall charger), a sealable padded travel bag, and a cleaning cloth.
21 Feb 2017
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Professional AV refers to both audio and video processing components Pro AV equipment serves various purposes like -Corporate presentations, -Religious Services, -Live Theatre Productions, -Business Presentations, -Television programs, -and Educational Purposes Professional AudioVisual Equipment generally includes: -Professional Video Recorders, -Displays, -Video Scalers, -Projectors, -Amplifiers & speakers, and -Accessories Professional Video Recorders - Unlike regular video recorders, professional video recorders have -Higher storage capacity support, -HD and Standard definition in multiple formats, -Blu-Ray quality disc burning directly from source, -Live HD video output, and so on Pro video recorders are available in many variations, Some of which include: -Mobile recorders, -Combo-decks, -Rack-mount combi-recorders, etc Displays - Professional AV displays include a range of monitors with HDMI and hi-res live input directly from the source These monitors are ideal for both field and studio applications Higher-end Professional displays include full HD, high-contrast monitors, designed to operate continuously (24/7) These displays are mainly used for -Signage, -Surveillance, and -Broadcast Television Video Scalers - Video scalers are used to scale and convert video formats, with no loss of quality They support various analog and digital formats Some features include: -Auto-Switching, -Keying, -Logo insertion, and -Picture-in-Picture Projectors - Professional projectors support -4k input sources up to 60p, -Dynamic contrast ratio of 1 2 mil to 1, -Home Cinema application, and -Intelligent Lens Aperture Amplifiers and Speakers - Professionals speakers are flexible, adaptable line source loudspeakers They are used for professional sound reinforcement applications Contact Oasisppd Enterprises UAE for Pro Audio Video Visual Equipment Supplies in UAE i e at *******www oasisppd com/estore/index php?module=view/category&MsID=2
22 Feb 2017
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Microsoft Office 365 works with Information Rights Management that empowers clients, deflect issues, for example, archive sharing, altering, and oversees content termination. In spite of the fact that, Office 365 offers a small number of advantages, here are the three noteworthy advantages that you will understand on your Microsoft Office 365 Migration. Along these lines, monitoring the different supporting advantages of the cloud will permit you to amplify your relocation to Office 365.
22 Mar 2017
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Microsoft Office 365 works with Information Rights Management that empowers clients, deflect issues, for example, archive sharing, altering, and oversees content termination. In spite of the fact that, Office 365 offers a small number of advantages, here are the three noteworthy advantages that you will understand on your Microsoft Office 365 Migration. Along these lines, monitoring the different supporting advantages of the cloud will permit you to amplify your relocation to Office 365.
22 Mar 2017
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We, at computerized electronic Service Center in Hyderabad; we are had practical experience in Panasonic Air Conditioner Service Center in Hyderabad, We have extensive variety of specialized groups with tremendous experience who can help you by conveying immaculate answers for all your gadget issues. Try not to stress, our administrations are not just allowed for Hyderabad individuals, we have amplified our home apparatuses administrations period to much more degree and made our administrations in Hyderabad every neighborhood
19 May 2017
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Digital Hearing Aids are worth much more than cheap hearing aids that only amplify some sounds. Century Hearing Aids provides hearing aids that have 12 channels, 8 bands for maximum listening pleasure. You will actually be able to hear a pin drop!
22 May 2017
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Appoint professionals that offer top class Digital Marketing Services to get more exposure and visitors at your website thereby amplifying your sale.
2 Jun 2017
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A unique Bass Reflex System delivers big bass-filled sound without losing detail or clarity. Triple amplifiers with a total 1200 watts of power enhance the sound at each frequency range for vocals that are clearer and crisper. Store up to 500 of your favourite songs onto the internal 2GB memory. Those with an Android smartphone can play songs from the internal memory using the Max Juke app. A Mix Play Mode mixes up your music just like a real-life DJ.
6 Jun 2017
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