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*******www.justlaughs****** Very funny he cant control his anger
13 Nov 2007
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Three easy steps to holiday anger management.
20 Nov 2007
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Curt Collins shares the grief and anger he went through when his mom and dad died. Through reading the Bible, he believes he will see them again in heaven.
5 Dec 2007
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Forgiveness is letting go of feelings of anger or resentment towards another person. Tapping (EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique) is a great way to do this. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a powerful Self-Hypnosis/Acupressure technique for releasing negative feelings and beliefs. Invented by Gary Craig, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) involves tapping various Meridian points on your body, to unblock stuck energy. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is effective on a wide range of psychological and physiological problems, including phobias, anxiety, depression, back pain, insomnia, and allergies including hayfever. It can help with confidence, public speaking, procrastination. Visit *******www.Tapping**** for more Emotional Freedom Technique videos, EFT articles, and my E-Book.
13 Dec 2007
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Windows sux I'm turning my PC It's making funny sounds Windows' bar appears, Vista's shining bright The Start menu shows up but my desktop's still blue I don't know what to do but let my anger through Chorus: Oh, Windows SUX, Windows SUX I can't wait any more the restart button is shining bright I'll let my finger go Oh, Windows SUX, Windows SUX It's loading up again I don't know if I'll wait to see The welcome screen today
12 Dec 2007
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On September 13th, 2001, New Yorkers, still in shock, are trying to come to grips with their emotions in New York Reacts. Grief, fear, anger, courage, strength, and sympathy can be heard throughout the city two days after the tragedy of Sept 11th.
26 Dec 2007
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Sedona Method - 3 Sedona Method questions. Discover how the Sedona method can help you to break habits, calm your anger, lose weight, overcome grief, set goals and much more.
13 Jan 2008
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south [park sister expresses her self with anger
15 Jan 2008
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About The Film WHO Ben Stein, in the new film EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed WHAT His heroic and, at times, shocking journey confronting the world's top scientists, educators and philosophers, regarding the persecution of the many by an elite few. WHEN Coming to a theater near you Spring 2008. WHERE Ben travels the world on his quest, and learns an awe-inspiring truth that bewilders him, then angers him and then spurs him to action! WHY Ben realizes that he has been "Expelled", and that educators and scientists are being ridiculed, denied tenure and even fired for the "crime" of merely believing that there might be evidence of "design" in nature, and that perhaps life is not just the result of accidental, random chance. To which Ben Says: "Enough!" And then gets busy. NOBODY messes with Ben.
21 Nov 2008
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This young kid needs anger management
12 Feb 2008
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cop gives these young guys heaps,think he needs anger management classes
13 Feb 2008
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Well this vid I made cause I was inspired by a Beauty and the Beast vid with this song.It doesn't have much effects cause that's not what I was focusing on the most.The emotion and anger it what I was going for in this video.If you can't figure out what it is about I'll feel you.It's a make up relationships between Kovu and Kiara and Simba and Nala.
17 Sep 2008
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Ours is an addicted society. Period. We use substances and engage in activities with the purpose of soothing fear, anger, and poor self-esteem. Addictions ensue.
24 Feb 2008
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*** UPDATE *** The Obama campaign sends along this response: “Everything in those mailers is completely accurate, unlike the discredited attacks from Hillary Clinton’s negative campaign that have been rejected in South Carolina, Wisconsin, and across America. We look forward to having a debate this Tuesday on the facts, and the facts are that Senator Clinton was a supporter of NAFTA and the China permanent trade treaties until this campaign began. And she herself has said that under the Clinton health care plan, she would consider ‘going after the wages’ of Americans who don't purchase health insurance, whether they can afford it or not.” After the talk, she continued to take the fight to Obama while talking to reporters, displaying two of Obama's direct mail attack pieces, which she called “blatantly false” and claimed that his rhetoric doesn’t match reality. "Let's have a real campaign,” she said, her anger palpable. “Enough with the speeches and the big rallies... Shame on you Barack Obama... Meet me in Ohio. Let's have a debate about your tactics and your behavior in this campaign.” A supporter had showed Clinton the mailers in the rope line earlier at the event. One mailer is about NAFTA, and uses a Newsday quote saying Clinton says it was a "boon" to our economy. She claims never to have said that and that Newsday printed a correction. The second mailer is about health care and says her plan would force people to buy policies they cannot afford. It is the one that resembles the Republican Harry and Louise ad. Clinton also fielded questions about her campaign's spending habits, saying that the money goes directly to communicating with voters, and defended her position on NAFTA, saying she was not in the Senate to vote for it and has criticized it since she entered the Senate. When asked about the fact that NAFTA was enacted when her husband was in office, she said it was negotiated by the first President Bush. The Clinton campaign also held a conference call to criticize the Obama mailers with Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland, a Clinton supporter, and Wolfson. "Quite frankly Sen. Obama is sending out information in the mail in Ohio that is apparently quite false in some of its claims regarding Sen. Clinton and NAFTA," Strickland said. Wolfson followed up with some past pro-NAFTA statements made by Obama, one apparently in Illinois to a group of farmers. Wolfson said there is a "pattern" of Obama saying different things to different groups. Clinton also began a town hall meeting here last night by acknowledging the Dallas police officer who died after an accident while driving in her motorcade this morning. She then tied the plight of the officer’s family to that of other families struggling in America today. Keywords: Hillary Clinton Barack Obama mailers NAFTA blatantly false Ohio Texas primary caucus pledged delegates superdelegates
23 Feb 2008
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Brazilian born soccer super star, Eduardo de Silva (or, Eduardo da Silva), suffered one of the more horrific leg breaks in sports history. Only time will tell if he will be able to return to the game after his leg heals. Fans around the world are in a state of shock, anger and mourning over the crippling tackle landed by his opponent.
25 Feb 2008
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*******butterknife.spout**** Sorting through the literal stuff of life. Our detective uncovers how putting meaning on objects can snowball into anger or a good, hearty "laugh attack." Cast: Ronald and Mary Bronstein, Sean Williams Dir: Joe Swanberg
25 Feb 2008
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