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Antique Omega "Importe de Suisse" Swiss Made Vintage Mechanical Open Face Silver Pocket Watch
6 Oct 2019
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Vintage Market Days is an upscale vintage & vintage-inspired indoor/outdoor market, featuring original art, antiques, clothing, jewelry, handmade treasures, home decor, outdoor furnishings, consumable yummies, seasonal plantings, and a little more. The Market is a three-day event held two times/year in varying communities throughout the United States. Each Vintage Market Days event is a unique opportunity for vendors to display their talents and passions in different venues throughout the country. Vintage Market Days, Apparel, Clothing
26 Sep 2019
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The Rocky Mountain Snowmobile Expo features manufacturer displays, aftermarket vendors offers power enhancements, lightweight components, avalanche packs and other add-ons, dealer booths selling clothing, parts, videos and accessories, displays featuring top modified mountain climbers and back country machines, antique, and vintage snowmobile displays, and much more.
30 Sep 2019
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Hymne national de la France la marseillaise Allons enfants de la Patrie Le jour de gloire est arrivé Contre nous de la tyrannie L'étendard sanglant est levé {2x} Entendez vous dans les campagnes Mugir ces féroces soldats Ils viennent jusque dans vos bras, Egorger vos fils, vos compagnes {Refrain:} Aux armes citoyens! Formez vos bataillons! Marchons, marchons, Qu'un sang impur abreuve nos sillons Que veut cette horde d'esclaves De traîtres, de Rois conjurés? Pour qui ces ignobles entraves, Ces fers dès longtemps préparés? {2x} Français! pour nous, ah! quel outrage! Quels transports il doit exciter! C'est nous qu'on ose méditer De rendre à l'antique esclavage! {au Refrain} Quoi! des cohortes étrangères Feraient la loi dans nos foyers? Quoi! ces phalanges mercenaires Terrasseraient nos fiers guerriers {2x} Grand Dieu! par des mains enchaînées Nos fronts sous le joug se ploieraient, De vils despotes deviendraient Les maîtres de nos destinées? {au Refrain} Tremblez, tyrans! et vous, perfides, L'opprobe de tous les partis, Tremblez! vos projets parricides Vont enfin recevoir leur prix {2x}. Tout est soldat pour vous combattre, S'ils tombent, nos jeunes héros, La terre en produit de nouveaux Contre vous tous prêts à se battre {au Refrain} Français! en guerriers magnanimes Portez ou retenez vos coups. Epargnez ces tristes victimes A regret s'armant contre nous {2x}. Mais le despote sanguinaire, Mais les complices de Bouillé, Tous ces tigres qui sans pitié Déchirent le sein de leur mère {au Refrain} Amour sacré de la Patrie Conduis, soutiens nos bras vengeurs! Liberté, Liberté chérie! Combats avec tes défenseurs {2x}. Sous nos drapeaux, que la victoire Accoure à tes mâles accents, Que tes ennemis expirant Voient ton triomphe et notre gloire! {au Refrain} Nous entrerons dans la carrière, Quand nos aînés n'y seront plus Nous y trouverons leur poussière Et les traces de leurs vertus. {2x} Bien moins jaloux de leur survivre Que de partager leur cercueil, Nous aurons le sublime
6 Oct 2019
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+ Author : Donna Tartt (Author), David Pittu (Narrator) + Format : MP3 ( without DRM – You can listen on many Other Devices ) + You will get link download from Dropbox when Completed Purchase ! + Listening Length : 32 hours and 25 minutes + Language : English Winner of the Pulitzer Prize For Fiction 2014 Longlisted – Baileys Women’s Prize 2014 Aged 13, Theo Decker, son of a devoted mother and a reckless, largely absent father, survives an accident that otherwise tears his life apart. Alone and rudderless in New York, he is taken in by the family of a wealthy friend. He is tormented by an unbearable longing for his mother, and down the years clings to one thing that reminds him of her: a small, strangely captivating painting that ultimately draws him into the criminal underworld. As he grows up, Theo learns to glide between the drawing rooms of the rich and the dusty antiques store where he works. He is alienated and in love – and his talisman, the painting, places him at the centre of a narrowing, ever more dangerous circle. The Goldfinch is a haunted odyssey through present-day America and a drama of enthralling power. Combining unforgettably vivid characters and thrilling suspense, it is a beautiful, addictive triumph – a sweeping story of loss and obsession, of survival and self-invention, of the deepest mysteries of love, identity and fate.
16 Oct 2019
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What can I say, it's Antiquing! I think what is more shocking is how messy our room was.
25 Oct 2006
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If you like art and antiquity
30 Mar 2007
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40 years antiquities in l'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, south France, the third européean brocante.
12 Apr 2007
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Part antique store, part craft fair, part natural food emporium - and, just for fun, part flea market, Finnegan's has been a Summer Saturday institution in Hudson Quebec for 35 years.
22 Jun 2007
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antique and hot Rod Car show in McAllen Texas July 2007 sponsored by hot Rod magazine this is the beginning where it we're setting up the cars and truck and motorcycles
15 Jul 2007
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overview of antique and hot ride car show during the set out at McAllen Texas sponsored by hot Rod magazine
15 Jul 2007
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Check out these cool antique classic cars. Great video. Buy & Sell classic cars at www.A1ClassicCars****
17 Sep 2007
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INFO: *******www.6MainStreet**** - A rare opportunity to live in and experience historic Amherst Village. The perfectly maintained antique home features five fireplaces, huge updated kitchen, wide pine floors, 19' x25' family room with murals...
9 Oct 2007
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Specialty Restaurant Supplies Expert Emilio Mitidieri Discusses and Demos One of His Antique Berkel Meat Slicers from His San Francisco Showrom
31 Dec 2007
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I recently obtained a "Violet Wand" (not to be confused with a "Violent Wand" which is what Harry Potter fans use when you make fun of them). It was made over 80 years ago, and still works. It's a nice example of applied physics, and ALSO how some will try to scam you into buying quack medical devices claiming to cure almost every known disease. Perfect for Slightly-Mad Science. Time for some antique high voltage! For more information regarding Violet Wands: Wikipedia *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Violet_wand Museum of Quackery *******www.museumofquackery****/devices/uv.htm Wacky "Energy Therapy" People *******www.meridianinstitute****/eaem/master1/mastcont.html Links regarding quack medicine: Quackwatch *******www.quackwatch**** Respectful Insolence *******scienceblogs****/insolence/skepticismcritical_thinking/friday_woo/ Quack Medicine *******www.quackmedicine****/
26 Jan 2009
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Dad is really tired after a long day at work so he passes out on the couch with the tv on. Thats when his son decides to show him what antiquing is. The vase never saw it coming.
12 Apr 2008
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