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David Cornut (IHEU) on antisemitism in the Arab media, United Nations Human Rights Council
30 Jul 2009
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Produced by the oldest Jewish Service Organization in the world, An American Girl is a thought provoking and touching film that aims to expose 1950's antisemitism and racial discrimination in small town America. Cultural tensions were still swirling around Jewish people in America after the Holocaust, and this film aims to expose prejudice stereotypes and the roots of anti semitism. An adolescent small town girl decides to try an experiment to find out how prevalent anti-Semitism is in her small town. She pretends to be Jewish herself and keeps a diary outlining the attacks and prejudice that she suffers during her experiment. Later, she reads the diary out loud at a PTA meeting to bring the issue out in the open. An emotionally poignant film that dramatically documents the history of anti semitism, An American Girl is a stirring commentary that reveals the often hidden, subversive nature of racism in America.
6 Aug 2010
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New day and new lies from Steven Cohen. First, North American Liverpool Supporters Clubs condemned the antisemitism in the strongest words possible. Second, person mentioned by Cohen is not member of any official Liverpool supporters club and he does not even exist. He only exists in imagination of Steven Cohen. Steven Cohen also accuse Liverpool Football Club, Heineken, and Ruffneck Scarves of antisemitism in his show. Read, Learn, Educate *******www.hfdinfo**** Boycott Steven Cohen *******boycottstevencohen.webs****
26 Mar 2010
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You tube was besieged by the nazis and other antisemitics.You have a lot of unknown behind closed doors,I survived the siege to inform you.Our channels have been forced to hide,jew haters and nazi fans attacked to videos ,We had to make them all private.We feel ourselves in the ghetto,We wanted to share our pain,a large number of colleagues were already lost their accounts .Because of episodes of sudden and mass flag attacks Images of Nazi collaborators''and''Never Again'divided by SPARTANEsister(Hanna],Some files arrived late,based accounts will be protected,additional accounts will continue to struggle.Team members will inform you in all circumstances these links are belong to some antisemitic and nazi collaborators ,our videos prove it ***********/user/bionicturk1 ***********/user/xxAtlantianKnightxx ***********/user/SPARTANsenator1 ***********/user/ellasAPOEL36 ***********/user/altincihis32 ***********/user/IsraelGay1987 ***********/user/LekhaCelMare
20 Dec 2010
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Brian Klug: “It is time to end this preoccupation, if not obsession, with Israels right to exist.“ In the light of the actual argument in Germany about the Palestinian-Israeli conflict critique of the Israeli policy is quickly labelled with the accusation of anti-Semitism. Along with this the question of Israels right to exist is raised. This connection often leads to the defamation and obstruction of any further discussions about the Israeli policy right from the beginning, intended or unintended. In continuation of the discussion with Brian Klug on march 18th 2009 about “After the Gaza offensive: Is Antisemitism on the rise?” the AK Nahost Berlin again invites Brian Klug on this subject: “The Collective Jew”: Israel and the New Antisemitism
3 Oct 2010
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Another video proving that stupid people can be found anywhere. This is a hilarious, one, however because they guy says you can't be an anti-semite on tv - and that's what he's doing!
22 Jun 2006
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Mel Gibson hates Jews and Winnie the Pooh!
9 Aug 2006
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a 2nd Scene from the great movie ( Hitler , the rise of evil )
20 Dec 2006
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A 3rd Scene from the movie ( Hitler , The Rise of Evil ) dont forget to turn up the volume !
16 Dec 2006
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The Foreign and Commonwealth Office Minister, Lord Mark Malloch-Brown, leads an inter-parliamentary coalition conference in London today on best ways to combat anti-semitism.
18 Feb 2009
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Dieudonné qui avait gagné le procès contre Marc Olivier Fogiel mais Marc Olivier Fogiel continue à exercer sur France 3. Dans cette émission, on voie deux journalistes en train d'imposer l'idée que Dieudonné veut hiérarchiser les souffrances et les insultes alors que Dieudonné pose simplement la question pourquoi il y a un traitement de "deux poids deux mesures".
24 Dec 2009
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The Durban II Conference proved to be much like its predecessor in being Israel focused. Showcasing the likes of Ahmadinejad, the halls of the UN building in Geneva were filled with anti-Israel energy and condemnation, if not as fervent and vile as we had seen in Durban I. Yet the question that the Leadel team came away asking was: "Is it anti-Israel or anti-Semitism in disguise?" A production of *******www.leadel****, a project of The European Jewish Congress (*******www.eurojewcong****) and made possible thanks to its President Moshe Kantor. Distributed by Tubemogul.
18 Feb 2010
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Hear how one can convince oneself of their Destiny. This is not a critique of Hitler, its a focus on Will and Determination.
4 Mar 2010
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The new film documents growing anti-semitism, the parallels between Nazism and radical Islam, and why Christians must take a stand... The Christian Broadcasting Network CBN ***********
8 Apr 2010
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******* le Rav Dynovisz nous explique comment un dirigeant est choisit pour Israël et tire un paralléle avec le choix du peuple élu.. Le cours entier est là: *******
17 Jun 2010
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The director retracted his statements about Jews, but some say his apology doesn’t ring true, and others point out his need for publicity right now.
31 Jul 2010
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