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www.ConnaissancesSansFrontieres**** Dans cet entretien avec l'animateur évangéliste de télévision Bob Larson, Zena Lavey, la fille d'Anton Lavey, fondateur de l'église de Satan, et Nichola Schrek, fondateur de l'ordre de WereWolf, parlent de la philosophie de l'église satanique : rejet des attitudes judéo-chrétiennes prévalantes telles que l'altruisme et le sacrifice personnel, célébration de l'individualisme et l'élitisme, subjectivité de la notion même du bien et du mal, etc.
6 Feb 2012
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whole process took twenty three hours. it took nine hours for the black,gray, shadowing portion .... and took three weeks to totally heal. then came the color portion, covering seventy five per cent of whole tatto, which took another nine hours. Again took another three weeks to totally heal. Then came the final five hours for the blue demon and touch up. be sure not to miss out the last part of video, where the new shocking Tattoo Design is revealed. If some (especially in Singapore) interested to be tattooed by same designer, please inform me. Enjoy !
15 Apr 2007
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An introduction to basic Satanism in song! Satanism explained in a parody of a popular christian children's hymn, to help concerned Satanic Parents raise perfectly satanic kids to understand the basic tenets of Satanism.
30 Aug 2007
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A film by Anthony J Hilder Clip from “Skull & Bones The Catholic Connection” *******www.freeworldfilmworks****/ War has been declared upon Christendom. Americas Catholics and Protestants are under daily assault like not other time since Caesar sent Believers in the Roman Coliseum to be slaughtered for sport. The ACLU, the ADL and the “Managed Media” continue to re-crucify Christ and Country and denigrate the Deity of God. Worse Still, millions of Christians blindly believe George W Bush and his Neo-Con Cabal are both Christian & Conservative. In Reality, they are neither! Their agenda is Luciferian. It is alien to Christianity & born from the bowels of a Faustian Financial Fraternity - “Skull & Bones”.
6 Sep 2010
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3 Apr 2011
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3 Apr 2011
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A necessary continuation of the first part of this lecture.
13 May 2019
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