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Apologetics Institute 2009 conference will be occurring November 13-14, 2009 at New Life Church in Smithfield, RI. It will challenge you to consider fresh approaches to engage today’s culture, and the New England region, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
16 Oct 2009
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For more information related to Quran preservation and deception from critics such as Qureshi please see: *******thefactsaboutislam.blogspot****/2010/09/responding-to-acts-17-apologetics.html
8 Sep 2010
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This car crashes through a fence after a jump, and backs up to apologize to the fans.
17 Jun 2008
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Julianne Hough's brother, Derek Hough, tells Extra how sorry his "sweet little sister," is for dressing in blackface for her "Orange is the New Black" Halloween costume.
30 Oct 2013
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Get the Book! *******tinyurl****/ng3fns Get the Free PDF! *******tinyurl****/nhbgpg Learn more about Apologetics here! *******www.ambassadorofheaven****/apologetics.html Human Sacrifice in the Bible?
2 Jun 2009
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Jesus died for the sins of the world. No sin is too great, except the sin of unbelief. The Catholic Church teaches a false Gospel. Never, in a lifetime or in eternity, can Mary, a Priest, the Sacraments - take away your sins. Only the final, and totally sufficient sacrifice of Jesus Christ, who will forgive you past, present and future! You cannot add to the work of Jesus Christ; He alone is our Mediator, our Intercessor - Mary cannot hear you, and if you trust in Jesus, and Him alone - YOU are a "Saint", and will rule and reign with Him forever in eternity. Pray to nobody else; not a statue, not Mary; confess your sins directly to Jesus, and never to a so-called Catholic Priest, who can never take away your sins. Jesus offered up Himself, willingly, to be punished for OUR sins; He alone is worthy, and God the Father has bestowed upon HIM only, this right (Hebrews). Jesus loves you unconditionally - NO STRINGS ATTACHED. You can never impress Him or earn His favor with your many prayers; so-called sacraments or so-called good works. It is an affront to God, to think we can somehow turn away His wrath through this bribery. Jesus paid it all my dear Catholic, all to Him we owe. He'll take all your sin away, once and for all time, if you place your full faith and trust in Him. "It is finished" He said on the Cross. Why then has the wicked and ungodly Catholic Church stolen away your hope, and placed additional burdens upon you? Have you forgotten the Pharisees of Jesus' day?! Have you not read that there is NO MORE PRIESTHOOD?!That Jesus is the end of the human priesthood?! How dare the Catholic Church lead devoted Catholics into Hell for all eternity! Flee the Catholic Church - run to Jesus and never look back!!! catholic church, church, catholics, catholicism, the pope, pope benedict, vatican, papal authority, mary, mary mother of jesus, mediatrix, marianism, the gospel of jesus christ, false gospel, the beast, repentance, sacraments, ten commandments, cardinal sins, venial sins, mortal sins, holy name of mary, our lady of assumption, apologetics, cri, answers****, idolatry, idolism, false teachings, mormonism, Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit, book of hebrews, catholic answers, crucifixion, calvary, calvary chapel, bible answer man, ect, ecumenism, holiness, lent, ash wednesday, easter sunday, crucifix, jehovah, addonai, bible study, the bible, bible verses, bible teaching, a woman rides the beast, dave hunt, catholic ministries, prayer to saints, saints, bible versions, religious videos, mary our saviour, catholics, guadalupanas, our lady of guadalupe, fatima, visions of mary, the father, our father prayer, local churches, catholic schools, parochial schools, priesthood, molestations, forgiveness, church history, yeshua, joshua, noahs ark, adam and eve, babylon, queen of heaven, the magnificant, easter sunday, worship services, the mass, manna, communion, baptism, first holy communion, purgatory, hades, sheol, hell, salvation, grace, works, luther, calvin, constantine, john dominic crossen,
21 Nov 2010
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a question killing all of us does really god exist will any body ask us about what we have done in this life ?????
14 Mar 2007
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Ave Maria! We are so blessed to have Dr. Mark Miravalle, Professor of Theology and Mariology at the Franciscan University of Steubenville, host this new inspirational series on AirMaria entitled Coredemptrix, Mediatrix, & Advocate, which will present and explain these roles of Mary to help prepare the way for a possible definition of the 5th Marian Dogma. In this first episode Dr. Mark clearly explains Our Blessed Lady’s role as Coredemptrix by first underscoring what Coredemptrix does not mean i.e. that she is not God, that she is not equal with Jesus, and that she is not the Fourth person of the Blessed Trinity. We hope you will enjoy watching this series as much as we did filming it. We also hope that this series will help to dispel all the many misconceptions and misunderstandings of Our Blessed Lady’s role in the salvation of the human race and inspire you to greater love of Mary and her Son, Jesus.
9 Feb 2009
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From airmaria****/?p=121 4/2/07 In this episode of No Apologies Fra Joseph discusses the nature of Biblical typology, its validity and how it can be applied to lend support for the Marian dogmas of the Church. Come learn about Mary in the Old Testament.
22 Mar 2008
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Mary is the New Eve who crushes the head of the serpent and thus contributes to the salvation of man just as the first Eve contributes to his down fall. Listen to this video as Fra Joseph explains how Jael and Judith play this role of serpent crushers and thus prefigure Mary who does the same with Her seed whom she bore through obedience. Ave Maria!
25 Jun 2010
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Ave Maria! In this episode of No Apologies Fra Joseph explains how Mary's salvific role is prefigured in the Old Testament by Queen Ester who saves her people from certain destruction. Let Fra Joseph take you on a fascinating journey into salvation history. Ave Maria!
2 May 2008
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Ave Maria! This week Fra Joseph explains how Mary is prefigured in the Old Testament by Rebecca the mother of Jacob and the husband of Isaac. Come see how he connects this story with the Marian Doctrines of the Coredemption and Mediatrix of All Graces. Ave Maria!
12 May 2008
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Ave Maria! In previous episodes Fra Joseph explained how different people in the Old Testament prefigured Mary. Today he describes how Mary is prefigured by three different things in the Old Testament: Noah's Ark, Jacob's Ladder and the Burning Bush. Noah's ark prefigures Mary's Immaculate Conception and Spiritual Maternity. Jacob's ladder is a sign of Mary's Mediation between heaven and earth. And, the burning bush prefigures how Mary conceived Jesus virginally and remained a virgin even through Jesus' birth. Listen to Fra Joseph as he gives this Biblical evidence of Catholic Marian Dogmas. Ave Maria!
2 May 2008
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Ave Maria! Fra Joseph Mary presents Mary as the queen Mother of Jesus and thus as the most powerful intercessor in heaven before Jesus on our behalf. Watch this video as Fra Joseph relates the Old Testamtent figures of King Solomon and Bathsheba, to Jesus and Mary. Ave Maria!
5 May 2008
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Ave Maria! Fra Joseph uses the simple and sound logic that if Jesus is God and Mary is the mother of Jesus then she is the Mother of God. Listen to Fra Joseph as he gives the first of four shows dedicated to the Marian doctrines solemnly defined by the Church, Divine Maternity, Perpetual Virginity, Immaculate Conception, and the Assumption. Stay tuned...!
13 May 2008
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