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There are actually an endless variety of entertaining and educational apps for kids that even parents can enjoy. During the recommendation process by parenting informer****, it does not always tell us whether educational apps are in fact educational. Remember, not all educational apps are created equal.
8 Apr 2012
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A-Z Phonics Tracing ABC lowercase Best Educational App for Kids
30 May 2019
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Coding apps for kids in Vancouver inspire the children to not only become consumers of technology, but creators too. The coding skills can prepare your kid to achieve success in written as well as oral communications in school.
26 Jul 2019
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Edubook for kids is best iOS & Android educational App. Free Worksheet app helps growing children learn basics like counting, numbers, identify colors, objects, spellings and Math
31 Aug 2017
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They still haven’t coined a name for the youngest of them all, the generation after the millennials. Digitally more native than the millennials, kids today know more of technology than we can guess. Apps become the way of life for them more than anyone else. Software companies specializing in eLearning Apps and software solutions cash in on these opportunities and a growing number of startups make their debuts with educational apps directed to children of all age groups.
28 Mar 2018
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*******www.techwench****/10-best-ipad-apps-for-kids/ Apple iPads are the most sought after devices and are currently the rage amongst computing devices. With this stunning device, there are hundreds of apps available meant for iPad users. Not only this device is liked by adults and teenagers but kids are also a great fan of it. For them too, there are great many apps available and therefore we present to you 10 best iPad apps meant especially for kids. You can get these iPad apps either through a free download or through the iTunes store at a price range of up to $4.99 US dollars. Other than that, these apps also provide a free trial version for you to use, after which if you like one, you can then purchase it from Apple App Store.
5 Jan 2011
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*******www.pixelhauz****/little-pocket-friends/ - Little Pocket Friends - Touch and Learn is live now. Please visit our website for more detail or purchase it at app store ***********/us/app/little-pocket-friends-touch/id483127768?ls=1&mt=8 Touch and Learn -- Flash Card App The Little Pocket Friends iPad app for kids basically works like an electronic flash card. Children touch the image they want to learn about and that image becomes larger on the screen. Children are then able to hear the name of item on the screen, as well as any accompanying sounds. For example, if the lion image is touched, children will hear the word "lion," and experience the roar from the king of the jungle. Important features of the app Have a look at some of the features you and your child get in Little Pocket Friends: • Suitable for toddlers and young learners • Colorful and interesting graphics • Lively music and special sound effects make learning fun and memorable • Learn new words everyday -- 150 words in nine different categories • Easy for children to learn and play without parental help • Simple app even for techno-savvy grandparents. Give it a test run. **Lite Version** ***********/us/app/little-pocket-friends-touch/id483127768?ls=1&mt=8 Our new app is coming this December 2012 - puzzle app - Hey, It's My Turn. Stay tuned.
5 Nov 2012
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iPhone App for Kindergarten Kids Featuring Entertaining Short Games that Show the Fancy Of Counting, Numbers and Maths. Product URL: *******www.punflay****/number-sense.html
22 Apr 2010
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Are you tired of the disapproving looks you get from others when your children are running riot? Do you wish your children could be like 'those' children who sit quietly and do what they are told rather than furiously drawing on the walls? This week on the Lady Geek TV App Show, we have a special Mumsnet episode with the founder of Mumsnet****, Justine Roberts. Justine and Debs talk through smartphone apps that will keep your children from getting bored, as well as an app to video record those rare moments when your child is behaving perfectly. First up this week is Fish School, an educational iPhone App which teaches your kids reading, maths and differences with the help of brightly coloured fish floating in formation, spelling out words, numbers, and shapes. Next we have Qik, the mobile video camera, a real favourite from Nokia's Ovi store. It transmits a videostream live to the web, fantastic for capturing and, more importantly, sharing those spontaneous moments as they happen. The Lady Geek App of the Week is Toddler Lock, which transforms your phone into a magical toy guaranteed to entrance both you and your toddler. For more information about the Nokia N8, our latest smartphone, go to *************/n8 and for more information on these videos, go to *******ladygeektv**** Follow Nokia UK: Nokia UK: ******* Facebook: ******* Twitter: ******* Flickr: *******
15 Nov 2010
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Ever After Publications commemorates the festive season by announcing the release of their second iPad storybook kids app Billy and the Snowman HD, an interactive Christmas tale. This book is filled with the anticipation and the excitement of opening presents early on Christmas morning. Adorable animations at every turn of a page as you make your way through this enchanted tale. Every page within this app has a number of hidden interactions, not to mention surprise features and much more.
5 Dec 2011
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See how kids adapt to the Kindle Fire's UI and what apps hold their oh-so-short attention spans. We've got the top four picks!
27 Jan 2012
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LoeschWare LLC introduces The Bear Went Over the Mountain by LoeschWare 1.0 for iOS. Players ride along with Bernie Bear, as he traverses natural destinations, through the desert, down a waterfall, under the ocean, and of course, over the mountain, in the quest to see what he can see. Children will delight in choosing Bernie's destinations, actively participating in directional word visuals, and helping Bernie Bear photograph the local wildlife, with hands-on activities and adorable characters.
1 Feb 2013
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