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here is the apple tv i went to apple stor just to check these thing out it's pretty amazing :D i love apple tv
23 Oct 2007
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8 Mar 2008
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Apple TV Style Background
30 Jun 2008
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new apple tv commercial
19 Aug 2008
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2 Dec 2010
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In this episode, we're going to cut the cord. We'll show you how to wirelessly sync your iOS or Android device, run down some ways you can upgrade to the iPhone 4S for free, how to hack your Apple TV and more. This is Lifehacker, episode 30.
10 Oct 2011
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BY SAM KOROTKIN You're watching multisource technology news analysis from Newsy. Of his efforts to build a new Apple branded TV with “the simplest user interface you could imagine,” Steve Jobs said, “I finally cracked it.” And the big screen could be equipped with a little voice you’ve been hearing a lot about -- Siri. A Wired writer says this... “Could drastically simplify content search and selection, thanks to its smart voice-recognition technology. You could toss that heinous remote in the trash, and instead direct your TV experience using voice commands.” According to unnamed sources, the creator of iTunes, Jeff Robbin, will lead the process. But a writer for PC Mag is still skeptical given the amount of Apple ideas and products that have been thrown away. “...‘working on’ and ‘bringing to market’ are two different things entirely. Apple is no doubt ‘working on’ a lot of things in its Cupertino skunkworks, many of them never to be seen by a single customer.” But rumor has it the TV could be for sale by 2013, though a blogger for ZDNet thinks the TV could be a hassle and says ‘what’s wrong with the current Apple TV anyway?’ “I don’t think it’s a good move for the company. I just don’t want to have to remove a 50-60” television from my wall when I want to upgrade it in a year or two. Its better to have the smarts in an easily-upgradable box- which is what the current Apple TV is for.” Munster estimates Apple’s TV could generate up to six billion dollars in revenue by 2014. And a wrtier for TechZone says it’s possible you’ll have to pay per-show and that could be steep. “With children in the house there is now very little risk to channel surfing, but a $1 a pop per kid could run up a $100 bill in an hour just by watching parts of lots of programs. Even the potential for this could scare the heck out of a parent.” Forbes says whether the Apple branded TV is successful or not, one thing is for certain: the Steve Jobs legacy lives on. “Bottom line: Apple’s new television seems at least a year away, but I am already getting excited. Many will see this as ‘proof’ that there is life at Apple beyond Steve Jobs, but I consider it rather to be proof that Jobs left a nice product pipeline for Apple to deliver after his untimely death.”
29 Oct 2011
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Noah K tackles the biggest tech rumors of this week! Amazon and Best Buy just cut the price of Apple TV - is a refresh imminent? Sony is in talks with big media to start a live TV streaming service over the Web. And Nokia's got a higher end Lumia phone - and a Windows tablet - in the pipeline.
19 Nov 2011
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Apple analyst Gene Munster claims a full-fledged Apple TV will be available by Christmas 2012, but the device might be a little pricey.
2 Dec 2011
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Mantener Actualizados los complementos de ATVFlash en Apple TV 2(720p_H.264-AAC)
5 Dec 2011
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29 Mar 2012
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18 Apr 2012
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