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Archery Tag™ is the coolest sport ever! See pictures and videos at
ARMOR was thought of and founded in the year 2013 with a view to make available good quality archery equipment which were highly priced and not easily available in India. Having a fascination for medieval weapons since the age of 4,turned into a hobby for collecting them. The functionality of a bow always amazed me, something designed so simply which could project an arrow to hit a target at a distance. The desire to own a bow and the non-availability of one easily at a reasonable price is what drove me to make my first bow. Having access to the family owned wood working workshop allowed me to use the raw material and the equipment to experiment on the same and after several trial and error I managed to make my first knock down traditional wooden bow. Since then to make available sport equipment to people who are fascinated to archery or any such form of sport which does not belong to the stereo type; ARMOR was formed. Warm Regards, Hussein H Pitalwalla, Founder thearmorsports dot com call +91 81086 33811
Chris Gaddis, 3rivers archery Flu Flu promotion. Self thrown,Aerial, Behind the back shooting!
11 Feb 2009
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Enjoy a weekend retreat in the monastery St. Clemens on the island of Nonnenwerth in the middle of the river Rhein, near Bonn. Nuns of the Franciscan Order live and work at St. Clemens. The island can only be visited if one has been invited. The ferry which carries people to the island is owned by the monastery. Only registered names will be taken across to the island, tourism as such is therefore unknown on the island. It is truly exclusive. You are herewith cordially invited to join me at the monastery St. Clemens on the island of Nonnenwerth for ZEN Archery and Meditation. Next available date is the weekend 28 March to 30 March 2008 Please call for reservations, thanks. My name is Harry Mark. Phone: 0049 - 201 - 266 75 47. The island of Nonnenwerth lies 100 km south of the airport Dusseldorf and around 45 km south of the airport Cologne/Bonn. Transport from the airports to the island of Nonnenwerth and return can be arranged at additional charges. Please contact me early if you require this service. Thanks. Come and relax body and mind - Your way to peace and quiet . . . Zen Archery
24 Mar 2008
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Archery elk hunt in Utah. Lots of footage and a successful shot on a 380+ bull elk. You'll love this elk video.
20 Jun 2008
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I give my archery a whole New Flavor! splitting my concentration while spinning the basketball and taking out aerial targets with my foot!
4 May 2008
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Suzi Oravec, archery Shot,By Longbowace. I add the basketball spinning on an arrow while holding it in my mouth and taking out an aerial shot!
1 Jun 2008
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Longtime bow collector and traditional archery expert WD. Miller gives us some insight into equipment.
25 Jun 2008
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Beijing Olympic Archery Video Scene game
11 Aug 2008
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Demonstrates an easy way to setup an event website for online registration using Event Manager online registration software for archery tournaments. JOAD, FITA, Cub, Senior, recurve, and any other archery discipline for registration.
7 Sep 2008
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Amazing Archery!!!
23 Jan 2009
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Horseback archery
25 Apr 2009
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DamnCheapGuns**** presents the Lil Banshee Jr. Archery Set. If you’d like to get your son or daughter into the sport of archery, there is no better starter kit than Barnett’s ‘Lil Banshee compound bow.
24 Apr 2009
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20 Apr 2009
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