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At Archive Oxford, we offer a full set of amenities to complete a well-rounded lifestyle with amenities like Private bedrooms & bathrooms, Modern kitchens with quartz counters, Stainless-steel appliances, Electronic energy-efficient thermostats, In-unit laundry, Internet and water/sewer included and more. Live at the center of it all with access to studies, work, nightlife, and prime outdoor spaces. To know more about our amazing package, contact us, or visit us online today!
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Das Merchandise-Archiv Movie-Archive in Hamburg - Barmbek-Nord. Bewerten Sie Geschäfte, Restaurants, Handwerker und Freizeiteinrichtungen. Und holen Sie sich einen von mehreren Hundert attraktiven Gutscheinen! Machen Sie mit! GRATIS! Besuchen Sie uns auf *******
10 Dec 2009
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Royal Sapien - The National Archives on Olaris Records Genre: Techno,House,Tech-House,Indie Dance,Breaks, Release Date: Dec 29 2009 Label: Olaris Records 1 Royal Sapien - Oh No (Dub) 2 Royal Sapien - Broad Styles 3 Royal Sapien - Be With You (Main Mix) 4 Royal Sapien - Outlander 5 Royal Sapien - Lasting Longer 6 Royal Sapien - Do It Now (Mod Mix) 7 Royal Sapien - SOS 8 Royal Sapien - Automatic Superman 9 Royal Sapien - Aquastar (Radio Mix) Release Info: National Archives represents Royal Sapien's first retrospective collection with remastered and shined up favorites from the past six years. The unmixed compilation rocks nine tracks including the massive house anthem "Be With You," the funky tech house sleeper "Oh No," and unreleased fan favorites "Automatic Superman" and "Aquastar," energetic and poppy vocal tunes circulated online. A fitting monument to Royal Sapien's 15 years producing electronic music, National Archives is out on his own Olaris Records the very last day of 2009. Promo service: *******www.VipUltima****
27 Dec 2009
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This Moxie Mo Show's special episode is all about.... Twitter. But before you think you know everything about Twitter, you MUST watch this episode. Did you know Twitter not only made history yesterday, but Google has a new tool for Twitter and Twitter is now the official place to find the best customer service for everything?! First, the US Library of Congress surprisingly made an announcement yesterday that has everyone talking. They've announced that they're working with Twitter and have begun archiving every single tweet that has ever been made for the rest of eternity! You have to see this to believe it. Google is jumping on the Twitter archiving bandwagon with a new tool that just came out - Google Replay. This moxie tool is something that you're going to love, if you're anything like me. You can zoom to any point in time and 'replay' what people were saying publicly about a topic or a person on Twitter during any time in history! We show you how the tool works and why this will change the way we search historical events. Last but not least, Twitter isn't your typical social networking site anymore. With unprecedented growth (did you know that 300,000 people join EVERY DAY), Twitter has become a breaking news outlet and now a place to find the best customer service. The Moxie Mo shows you how to use Twitter to your advantage and if you have a complaint about a product, a service or even a company, Twitter is where you need to talk about it. Here's why... This episode is brought to you by Zazzle. Zazzle not only sells the coolest t-shirts and apparel but also allows you to customize and create your own apparel as well as stationary, wedding invites, baby announcements and birthday gifts. When you use my promo codes, MOXIMOSHOW10 or MOXIMOSHOW12 at checkout, you'll save a lot of money at one of the moxiest online retailers! Make sure you follow the Moxie Mo Show on Twitter and join our new Facebook Moxie Mo Show Page.
16 Apr 2010
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Twitter donated its entire archives to the Library of Congress. Critics are questioning why the library would want to archive tweets.
17 Apr 2010
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We will be covering the following topics today: Archiving Solutions, Meet Regulatory Compliance Requirements, Litigation and Legal Discovery... To learn more in detail, please visit: *******www.sonasoft****/products/sonavault-email-archiving/
3 Jun 2010
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Explaining the difference between Microsoft Exchange 2010 builtin Archiving vs Sonasoft Email Archiving from Sonasoft. SonaVault has tons more functionality, which is explained in the video. To learn more in detail, please visit: *******www.sonasoft****/products/sonavault-email-archiving/
24 Jun 2010
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Sonasoft delivers a new generation of email archiving solutions. SonaVault is a stand-alone, software based, powerful and comprehensive email archiving solution for Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, 2003, 2007 and 2010. To learn more in detail, please visit: *******www.sonasoft****/products/sonavault-email-archiving/ Directed & Edited by Amit Saini
10 Jul 2010
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SonaVault used Microsoft's Journaling mechanism to extract and achive messages. This ensures that every message is archived. To learn more in detail, please visit: *******www.sonasoft****/products/sonavault-email-archiving/ Directed & Edited by Amit Saini
10 Jul 2010
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Electronic discovery (eDiscovery) refers to the process in which electronic data in required with the intent of using it as evidence. SonaVault delivers a practice solution to retrieve tamper-free emails. To learn more in detail, please visit: *******www.sonasoft****/products/sonavault-email-archiving/ Directed & Edited by Amit Saini
15 Jul 2010
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Demonstrating SonaVault for Email Archiving - Home tab / Control Center.
6 Aug 2010
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SonaVault for Email Archiving UI Demo for the Configuration tab. To learn more in detail, please visit: *******www.sonasoft****/products/sonavault-email-archiving/
6 Aug 2010
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SonaVault for Email Archiving UI Demo for Setup (Email Server) tab. Explaining, Archival can be planned by selecting the email servers. Archiving on a server can be enabled or disabled and polling and journal settings can be changed. To learn more in detail, please visit: *******www.sonasoft****/products/sonavault-email-archiving/
6 Aug 2010
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