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The Spanx shapewear has become a household name among women across the US. If you like the Spanx shapewear you will love the Ardyss body shapers. The Ardyss body shapers offer everything you get with the Spanx shapewear and more. Ardyss body shapers feel like a second skin and also can reshape your body and allow you to look 3 sizes smaller in minutes.
27 Nov 2008
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There are several body shapers on the market. Kymaro body shaper, Ardyss body shaper, Spanx body shaper. But who has the best body shaper? Which body shaper will truly reshape your body. Kymaro, Spanx and Ardyss all have great products, but only one of them can do this...
9 Dec 2008
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Looking for the best body shaper? The Ardyss body shaper - body magic was featured on NBC news. See before and after pictures and how the body shaper can reshape your body in minutes.
16 Jan 2009
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The Ardyss body magic is an innovative creation that will sensationalize your figure by reshaping you from your shoulders to your legs. The Ardyss body magic is a made of a sturdy, lightweight fabric with a feminine look. If you want a sensational figure in minutes then the Ardyss body magic is for you... *******www.ardysslife****/latoya
4 Dec 2008
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(Ardyss Body Magic) Ardyss Body Shaper Call 1-888-703-9427. I answer! www.shapingforlife**** (Ardyss)(Ardyss)(Ardyss) (Ardyss)(Ardyss)(Ardyss) (Ardyss)(Body)(Magic)(Ardyss)(Body)(Shaper) Ardyss International is an amazing opportunity that is sweeping the internet. Ardyss International promotes health nutritional products. Their flagship product is Ardyss Body Shaper. Lots of women are having amazing results with the product. Women are losing 2-3 dress sizes very fast. If you need an instant tummy tuck Ardyss Body Magic will do it. The Ardyss Body Magic and Angel Bra will sensationalize your figure by lifting your bust, removing side rolls and flattening your stomach in only ten minutes. THIS IS A MUST SEE! The Body Magic For more info visit www.shapingforlife**** or call 1-888-703-9427 right now (Ardyss) (Ardyss) (Ardyss) (Ardyss) (Ardyss) (Ardyss)
23 Feb 2010
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Searching for the right body shapers? The Ardyss body shapers will give you support and make you look 3 sizes smaller in minutes. The Ardyss reshaping line includes the Ardyss body magic for a flatter tummy and a nicer rounder butt.
14 Feb 2009
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Are you in need of a body shaper or comperssion garments? The Ardyss body shapers undergarments are a innovative creation that will sensationalize your figure in minutes. These body shapers reshape you from your shoulders to your legs. The Ardyss body shapers will change your figure and attitude in minutes.
13 Mar 2009
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The Ardyss Body Magic really does work. See how the Arydss garment took this lady from a size 14 to a size 10 in minutes. The Ardyss Body Magic will work for you as well. You can look 2 to 3 sizes smaller in minutes with this Ardyss garment.
8 Dec 2008
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The Ardyss Body Magic is a reshaping garment from Ardyss International. You won't believe what the Ardyss Body Magic did to my body when I put it on.
9 Mar 2009
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I am plus size women who love my plus size full body shaper. This body shaper reduces my rolls and back fat like nothing I have seen before. This body shaper makes me feel much better in my clothes.
18 Feb 2009
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*******www.Guide2MarketingSuccess****/?s1=Ardyss The Ardyss nutritional products have been developed with the health-conscious consumer in mind. Ardyss helps people internally with great nutritional products, one of them being a beverage the Ardyss Le'Vive juice. It has the world's top 5 antioxidant-producing "super fruits" concentrated in one bottle: Pomegranate, Goji, Acai Berry, which is the same berry that Oprah has flown in from Brazil, Noni, and Mangosteen. The Ardyss Skin Care and Cosmetic lines are quite impressive, as well. The same company that manufactures Estee Lauder also created the skin care line that Ardyss offers. And, the makers of MAC Cosmetics produce Ardyss' line of makeup. Therefore, a consumer can be sure they are still getting a high-quality product even if they aren't familiar with the Ardyss name, yet. The Ardyss Reshaping line was designed by an orthopedic surgeon, so they have tremendous health benefits, as well. Ardyss has garments for both women and men. For women, Ardyss has a complete line of body reshaping garments that help restore the shape of the body. What these garments do is called "Lipo Transportation." That means it moves the fatty tissue in the body from where it is to the places it's supposed to be. On a woman's body, there are only two places where fat tissue is necessary: the breasts and buttocks. The Ardyss Body Magic, their flagship reshaping garment, flattens the tummy, lifts the breasts, reshapes the legs, lifts and reshapes the buttocks, straightens the back and pulls the shoulders back to correct posture, giving a woman the shape and posture she had in her younger years. This garment will allow women to drop 2 to 3 dress sizes in minutes. If a person wishes to take advantage of the network marketing side of Ardyss International, they may join one of three ways. Start-up costs with Ardyss range from a $30 Membership to a $250 Power Pack association. All three ways to enroll will be plus tax and shipping costs of new distributor kits.
19 Jul 2012
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The Ardyss Body Magic reshaping garment was designed by an orthopedic surgeon. It has many health benefits for women. It is an improved and transformed corset, which was used in earlier times to reduce the waist and shape the female figure. This product is very effective in reshaping the body by reducing it up to three dress sizes while accelerating the process of weight loss. The Ardyss Body Magic does what is called "Lipo Transportation," which means it takes a woman's fatty tissue and moves it from where it is to where it needs to be in her body. There are only two places a woman needs fat tissue and those are the breasts and buttocks. The Body Magic offers every woman the extraordinary opportunity to look and feel better about her body. This garment is ideal for the times women want to fit into that "special" dress that no longer looks special when they put it on due to the extra weight. It will help any woman have the perfect shape she has always desired. The Body Magic is the perfect complement for body reshaping. It is unique since it can instantly reduce a woman two to three dress sizes in a matter of minutes due to the fat redistribution process. This garment is also ideal for caring for the female skeletal system as it favors correct posture of the spinal column. Not only does it make a woman look slimmer, her body will acquire an esthetic and female shape. The Ardyss Body Magic was originally created to help overweight women to recover their figure, shaping their body while in the weight loss process. Size reduction, body reshaping and a correct posture will make anyone look and feel great. The reshaping garment also gives the appearance of a breast lift. It reduces the waist, lifts and rounds a woman's buttocks and positions them in their correct anatomical place for a proper function and prevents sagging. This dynamic body reshaper also gets rid of love handles, back and underarm fat, giving a smoother, more feminine figure. The Ardyss Body Magic is designed to exert pressure on the abdomen, generating a protection that prevents fat accumulation in the abdominal walls. It gives the appearance of an instant tummy tuck!
10 Feb 2012
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