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Author Areva Martin Family/Disability Law Specialist and owner of one of the largest Woman owned Law Firms in LA as well as regularly seen on the "Dr Phil Show" brings her book tour to Harlem.Areva got intimate and revealing with them as she shared her story and as many shared their experiences with their Autistic children or other relatives.Needless to say it was an informative and very exciting event and on behalf of NY, Wabi Sabi Productions and those benefiting from her resourceful and handy book "The Everyday Advocate" We thank her. Filmed and Edited by Emmitt Thrower Produced by *******www.wabisabiproductions**** etwabisabiproductions**** info and purchase *******www.arevamartin**** BOOK AVAILABLE EVERYWHERE Distributed by Tubemogul.
8 Apr 2010
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Areva Martin (Dr Phil Show) Family Law Expert Speaks in Harlem NYC at Hue-Mans Book Store with Family members and Autism Advocates and Special Needs Supporters. Areva's NEW book "THE EVERYDAY ADVOCATE: Standing Up For Your Child With Autism" has become the roadmap for many caregivers struggling to navigate the Jungle of getting services for their Autistic Children and Family members. Her book is available at all major book outlets or get more info at *******www.arevamartin**** Filmed and Edited by Emmitt Thrower *******www.wabisabiproductions****/current.htm Distributed by Tubemogul.
5 Apr 2010
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Nigel and Frenchy discuss the bitter antagonism between Areva and EDF while waiting to board a flight to Paris.
24 May 2011
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An actress hired to impersonate Areva’s fired CEO tells Nigel the details of a sexual entrapment plot designed to humiliate her.
27 Jun 2011
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Comment devient-on, 42 ans, président du conseil de surveillance d'une entreprise qui compte 61000 collaborateurs dans 40 pays du monde? Frédéric Lemoine nous répond!
2 Oct 2007
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Nigel asks his “French connection” about construction problems on the first new reactor job in Finland, and triggers an emotional outpouring of excuses.
3 May 2011
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Introspective in retreat, a shaken Nigel wonders if he was the real target but concludes that Madame Lauvergeon was hardly undeserving.
3 Jul 2011
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*******www.parlonsen.areva**** - L'énergie recyclable : un enjeu de société, un sujet passionnant. Comment le nucléaire peut-il répondre à nos besoins ? Pourquoi est-ce une énergie recyclable ? Quelles sont les modalités de son développement ? Autant de questions qui interpellent, passionnent mais aussi divisent. Venez dialoguer sur « Énergie recyclable ? Parlons-en ! », site d'information et de débat sans apriori. - *******www.parlonsen.areva****
14 May 2008
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Tyler Suiters anchors this afternoon's Clean Skies News Energy Report from Washington, DC. On the program: - The nuclear industry gets another endorsement from the Obama administration.- Sam Shakir of Areva discusses the company's loan guarantee for a new U.S. enrichment facility.- Obama administration officials are back on the Gulf Coast overseeing cleanup efforts from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.- West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin told a House committee in West Virginia that mine safety regulation needs to be overhauled.- GE wants to put the first freshwater wind farm in Lake Erie.- Khosla Ventures has hired former British Prime Minister Tony Blair as a senior adviser on environmental issues. *******www.cleanskies****
30 May 2010
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President Barack Obama is awarding $2.3 billion in tax credits for energy efficient companies, intending to create 17,000 jobs by 2013. Hoping this stimulus plan will move the country into a clean energy economy, these credits are meant to redesign our manufacturing infrastructure. Clean Skies News looks at the winning projects and how they can help both the economy and green living.
9 Jan 2010
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The Daily Energy Report for Friday, February 12, 2010 discusses the renewable sector experiencing numerous acquisitions this week, accomplishments from the EPA's 2009 Energy Star Leaders and Porsche to unveil a hybrid-electric 911 GT3 R.
12 Feb 2010
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Climate Week in New York City wrapped up this week. It's an event that coincides with the United Nations General Assembly meeting to discuss the Millennium Development Goals. Climate Week is geared toward raising awareness for global climate issues ahead of the Cancun climate talks. We talk with energy consultant Aimee Christensen of Christensen Global Strategies about what we can expect heading into Cancun. Also, while the world tackles global warming, France says it's already carbon neutral thanks to the use of nuclear energy. We'll explain how the French recycle nuclear waste. And speaking of recycling, your car may soon be one of the greenest manufactured items you own. Argonne National Laboratory unveils a program that can recycle 75% of your old clunkers.
26 Sep 2010
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