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The sun begins to rise but for some the night is still going. The hum from the smelter takes over the morning radiance. Then the shift change gauges and the town rises. This is the suicide hour. Set in the gutters of an industrial town, Play With Fire follows the unsettling life of Christian. His best friend, Joel - a flailing megalomaniac - pushes him into a corner by getting him involved in a scheme crossing the wrong people. The love of his life, Melody, gives him the chance to start over by leaving town with her. This is where Christians story of twisted loyalty, love and loss begins. Play With Fire started as an untitled script that Soren Johnstone wrote while living in Trail, BC in the winter of 2006. The small, industrial, mountain town gave him ample inspiration to write a dark, dramatic screenplay about the choices people make growing up in this setting. In early 2007 Soren approached his friend and collaborator, Michael Babiarz, to help him turn the script into a feature length film. In May 2007 they began what would become an epic 16 month production with absolutely no budget. They cast all non-actors, and real people who actually led the lives they depicted on screen. They used all real locations, and shot everything in a very guerilla fashion. As production wore on the fine line between art and real life blurred as the film began to mimic reality while reality mimicked the film. The result is a very real, very raw, dramatic experience. It is a look in to life.
20 Feb 2009
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My life as a 30-something, dependent(less), professional woman, experiencing life on my own terms. Join me as I explore my interests and hobbies, and spend time with my most favorite people in the world; my nieces and nephews.