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a compliation of my art work
14 Apr 2009
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Mirit Ben Nun Born August 8, 1966 These paintings express a personal need to delineate images and fantasies abundant with color and emotional explosion. Signs, lines and the materials appear of their own volition and develop as an external language bridging the eye, the hand and the painted surface. During the making of a painting the power of the shapes emanate from an unconscious and concealed inner dimension. Line by line, painting after painting while repeating shapes and patterns, a creation evolves into new shapes and patterns. With a determination that reaches obsession, Mirit Ben-Nun keeps on returning to her art of meticulous decoration. A strong presence of primitive ornamentation provides the artwork with a tribal facet on one hand and a feminine touch on the other, encompassing embroidery, bead threading and weaving among others. Ben- Nun’s beautifying urge carries within it an archetypal strata, mythic at times, which empowers her authentic expression. Dr. Gidion Ofrat and Ami Steinitz sensual acrylic art work by israeli artist mirit ben nun
12 Sep 2009
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art work from israel
12 Sep 2009
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Points. Dots… Period The exposing of the aboriginal painting, (The Aborigines Tribes of Australia) to the western world in the 1970’s infused an adrenaline rush like energy into modern drawing and relatively soon thereafter was accepted as a legitimate art form as well as an influential and inspirational source. This tribal art form creates religious symbols for ritualistic purposes and its aestheticism is characterized with the hues of the land. Contemporary West-African artists are emphasizing similar elements in their work. They have diverted their attention to a continuous urge of constructing plateaus of colorful dots that please the eye with rich, velvet- like textures and winding images. There is no doubt that Mirit Ben Nun’ s art derives, like a refreshing meteor in our skies, from that very source into our over- saturated art of photographic images and messages. As a self-taught artist, she grew outside of the lubricated system of art academies and does not suffer from the search for meaning. Her paintings burst out from within her as a primordial need to provoke the canvas, to attack it with an unstoppable obsession that leaves no corner hiding. The need to self- express does not stop but wants to continue and flow with her spiritual storm - perhaps to silence the demons within. The painting is engulfing as a result of being primitive, free from justification and the sense of guilt for not being “‘intellectual”’. It comes from the unconscious creative – the psychological drive which is not adapted to a language of nuances and does not require decoding. Mirit’s spectator is bombarded with a colorful abundance, with repeating images and metaphors that are easily perceived and identified. For the person who is accustomed to the sophisticated art form, this is a fresh breath of immediate beauty. Perhaps this is the place and the time to go deeper into the roots of a culture which for generations now has been obscured with theories and isms. David Gerstein ACRYLIC ART WORKS TEL AVIV ISRAEL
13 Sep 2009
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Dear Sir/Madam, I am an Israeli artist working mainly in the field of painting. In my work, I create imaginary figurative scenes, rich in color and body. I am attaching a presentation of selected works for your kind consideration, and hope these can be of interest to you. Thank you for your precious time. Sincerely, Mirit Ben Nun primitive naive feminine sensual acrylic art work by mirit ben nun
14 Sep 2009
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******* ART WORK by NILS beläget i GÄVLE är utmärkt om du letar efter inredning eller utställning. För att veta mer ring 026-14 00 60, besök oss på Industrigatan 2, GÄVLE 80291 eller kolla in hemsidan på ovanstående url.
11 Jan 2010
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i like drawing
23 Aug 2009
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I am an Israeli artist working mainly in the field of painting. In my work, I create imaginary figurative scenes, rich in color and body.
12 Sep 2009
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I am happy to present my artwork that is for sale. I would like to give a percentage of the profits to the malnourished, people that can't afford to eat three, good meals per day, cloth
7 May 2019
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28 Feb 2007
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i week of art works*******mehmetcan3434.inube****/
20 Dec 2007
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Ridha H. Ridha Art-works, which has been completed in exile between 2000 and 2007. They represent the feelings and reflections of the artist during the long tragedy on his homeland(IRAQ.These works express the untold suffering of the Iraqi people throughout the past half century, from the rule of the Fascist Ba'ath to the American occupation, and the eruption of terrorism and sectarian war, which seriously threatens to annihilate everything noble that the Iraqi culture and history stand for
16 Jan 2008
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