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Plastic Rice in market | whatsapp video
17 Sep 2017
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*******tubecats.90KaMonth**** ok, so i saw the original video by TheCatsPyjaaaamas: ***********/watch?v=z3U0ud... and I thought it'd be funny to do a parody of it - - - then I found that like usual, many others had already done that. The best being done by klaatu42: ***********/watch?v=1JynBE... I already had the ideas in my head so I say, screw it, I'll put up my interpretation(s) too - some of you will probably be too young to remember this ripoff of an artificial food substitute forced upon unsuspecting consumers back in the day. Look ma, it's plastic disguised as butter substitute! Here's the link to my budwiser beer cats version: ***********/watch?v=lOqykq... Cats talking meow translation funny commercials parkay margarine parkay 2 cats two cats cats talking cats talking translation mad movies cat parody personification stina and mossy
1 Jun 2008
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*******www.AbsoluteSanctuarySamui**** *******www.absolutesanctuary****/facilities.html Samui Colonic – 7 Secrets of Detoxification… free email course about weight loss, colon cleansing, and detoxification. Follow link above. If you’re a meat-eater, then you must be aware that meat has high toxin content. In fact, when you eat meat, you are consuming the tissues of dead animals. The main components of meat are small amounts of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. The basic procedure in meat production involves a complex mechanism, where these animals are nourished with artificial food that has been grown using pesticides or herbicides. Not only this, but according to the reports by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), it has been found that these animals are also fed strong chemicals like tetracycline, penicillin, radio-active nuclear waste, and strong antibiotics. In other words, we can say that when we consume meat, we are consuming these harmful toxins. One of the major toxins found in meat is a high percentage of methane. Methane is a harmful chemical that can cause dreadful health effects and meat consumption is found to be the major cause for the release of methane gas into the environment. THAILAND COLONIC & FASTING CENTER *******www.AbsoluteSanctuary***********absolutesanctuarysamui****/detox%20programs.html">Thailand Colonic Methane, or CH4, is a gas considered as a vital constituent of natural gas. The major constituents present in methane gas include carbon (chemical symbol C) and hydrogen (chemical symbol H). The chemical properties of methane gas are a colorless and odorless gas that is much lighter than air. The presence of methane in the environment is responsible for global warming. Another major toxin commonly found in meat is carbon monoxide. The presence of carbon monoxide in meat makes it look fresh and aids in diminishing the bad smell. However, the presence of carbon monoxide prevents consumers from distinguishing between fresh and stale meat. Shiga toxin is another dreadful toxin found in meat. If you consume a lot of meat, then you are highly likely to consume shiga toxin, which can lead to food poisoning or kidney failure. Avoiding the consumption of meat can contribute to a healthier lifestyle and avoid exposure to various diseases. KOH SAMUI DETOX PROGRAMS *******absolutesanctuarysamui****/why%20detox.html
18 May 2009
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