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How this woman managed to hide so many groceries under her garb is quite astonishing. Nonetheless, she got caught.
10 Sep 2019
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This sermon was preached many years ago by a famous apostolic preacher. The message is titled, A Gospel Message of Hope, by Bishop G. T. Haywood. It was preached by him in April of 1922. And now the sermon. "We wish to call your attention to the third chapter of Romans, beginning at verse 1, “What advantage then hath the Jew? or what profit is there of circumcision? Much every way: chiefly, because that unto them were committed the oracles of God.” That is, the first opportunity to know God. The law of the Ten Commandments was given to them. God had committed unto their trust the oracles of God, and gave them that they might bring the light of God to the world. And although they failed their God, yet His purpose went forward. Even though some did not believe, “shall their unbelief make the faith of God without effect?” Man's unbelief does not change God's word, nor stop Him from working out His purpose. The word of God is true whether the people believe it or not. God will bring Salvation near. It makes no difference what you say, or what I may say, because, “God hath said.” Our God can work while we are sleeping. And when we are folded away like a garment in our graves, God will still be working. If one man, or one people, fails God, He will take up another and move on. God brought Israel out and made them a great people through a man who was only a shepherd of the plains of Midian and not a warrior, but could speak words of wisdom by the spirit of God. Words, which, even to this day, have astonished the world. God sent His Word from heaven unto this people, and walked in the midst of them with mighty signs and wonders showing His mighty arm. And yet they failed God through their unbelief. The Lord had no people He could trust. So He declared He would “take a people who are not a people and make them a people of God.” He did this to prove that He does not have to depend on any nation or individual. God Himself never failed, and could not fail. Matthew 26:28 says, “
24 Aug 2019
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While entering the Gallery, one can not help but marvel at his works of wood and gilded bronze. Admiring these vehicles, heavy symbols, it is like projecting in time: we imagine the coach, pulled by a team of horses, move with a majestic slowness. A crowned head leans slightly to the window and salutes the crowd. Adorned with gold and sculptures, these large-scale vehicles have been designed to strike the spirits. They represent the monarchy, the pageantry, the wealth and the tradition. The coaches of the Gallery are the creations of the best artists and luxury craftsmen of the Court: architects, joiner, saddler-coachbuilder, mirror maker, locksmith, bronzier, carver, gilder, founder, painter, tackler, trimmers, embroiderers ... at this new space, visitors can relive the great hours of the history of France by admiring the sedans of the marriage of Napoleon I, the coach of the coronation of Charles X, the funeral carriage of Louis XVIII, and also the small carriages of Marie-Antoinette's children and an astonishing collection of fancy sledges made during the reign of Louis XV.
28 Aug 2019
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Marvelous/Astonishing Transport
24 Dec 2007
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Astonishing demolition
5 Mar 2008
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If you've ever wanted to know about Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, and the early days of comics, Tales to Astonish is the book for you. Free iFanboy Daily and Weekly Video Podcast on iTunes: ******* Revision3 Facebook Fan Page: ******* For more visit: *******revision3****/ifanboy/
28 Aug 2008
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If you've ever wanted to know about Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, and the early days of comics, Tales to Astonish is the book for you.
28 Aug 2008
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The astonishing Lyrebird Nature calls - the astonishing Lyrebird can copy the excact same sounds around him. and he will show it off for you. some impressive impersonations will be heard of a camara , camara with automatic,car alarm cellphone and 20 other birds ! . but at 1 point he impersonate the incredible sound of a chainsaw and we all know what that means ? unfortunate
22 Dec 2008
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True Astonishments will be Paul Harris' current, definitive, and final legacy. This is a monumental project of the highest caliber from the production to the material… it's simple, elegant, practical, and beautiful. True Astonishments is one of the most important projects to be released in the last 30 years. Ellusionist and Paul Harris team up to launch one of the rarest release promotions ever. See details at: *******www.ellusionist****
20 Dec 2008
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30 Jun 2009
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Artist Felice Varini is an optical illusion artist who created an astonishing 30-meter optical illusion which you need to see from a certain point.
28 May 2018
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This waterfall is so surprising. This modern form of a waterfall is really very astonishing; it seems to be the model’s hair.
17 Oct 2018
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Why is Godrej Alive, Mulund: Astonishing Combination Of World-Class Infrastructure And Amenities? In this PPT here we provide some advantages of Godrej Alive. If you want to know more about Godrej Alive call us on 9071983434.
9 Jan 2019
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little boy was astonished by the glass bridge
6 May 2019
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Male: Whom do still have have kissed you this way? Beloved Daughter: I count woollen cloth ... in course of .
1 Nov 2007
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MagicTricks****** is proud to present Paul Harris' lifetime of magic crammed into a box and 9 DVDs. Learn from the master himself some of the greatest magic you can ever be taught! All presented in a beautifully carved wooden box!
8 Nov 2009
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