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Striped Mackerel at The Belfry on Great Astrolabe Reef Kadavu, Fiji. WEIRD & WILD OR WHAT!!!! www.Scuba-Diving-Fiji****
12 Dec 2009
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Manta on Great Astrolabe Reef, Kadavu, Fiji. www.Scuba-Diving-Fiji****
16 Jun 2009
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Coral reef on The Great Astrolabe Reef in Kadavu, Fiji Islands. Fabulous hard corals, like totally abundant! www.Scuba-Diving-Fiji**** Video by: Mark Schacht Green Divers Productions Albany, CA. U.S.A. www.greendiversproductions****
23 Sep 2009
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Venez découvrir l'Astrolab aux côtés de Sébastien Giguére Coordinateur scientifique de l'Astrolab et de Bernard Malenfant, technicien à l'Observatoire du Mont-Mégantic. Situé dans le décor exceptionnel du Parc national du Mont-Mégantic, l'Astrolab est un centre d'activités en astronomie dédié au public fondé en 1996 par Bernard Malenfant, technicien à l'Observatoire du Mont-Mégantic. Il offre un grand nombre d'activités : une exposition interactive, des ateliers pratiques en astronomie, une visite des trois observatoires et un film, intitulé Rythmes cosmiques. Pour planifier votre voyage au Canada visitez notre site ! Site Web : *******
20 Dec 2009
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The Astrolab is located at the base of Mont Mégantic, Québec. This popular attraction is open to the public, and provides visitors with the opportunity to stargaze at the observatory, explore interactive exhibits, and participate in educational workshops. Join Sébastien Giguère, as he tours the facility and explores the wide variety of family-friendly activities that are available. Want to plan your trip to Canada? Visit *******
23 Dec 2009
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Hinge-back Shrimp on Great Astrolabe Reef, Kadavu, Fiji Diving with Mad Fish Dive Centre Matava - Fiji's Premier Eco Dive Resort www.Scuba-Diving-Fiji****
5 Apr 2011
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Eagle Rock dive site GOES OFF! greay reef sharks everywhere! www.Scuba-Diving-Fiji****
7 Jan 2010
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Join Sébastien Giguère, as he tours Mont Mégantic National Park in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, and provides insight around the various available sights and attractions. The Appalachian Mountains are known for their vibrant fall colours, and Mont Mégantic National Park's hiking trails are one such popular activity. 
 Want to plan your trip to Canada? Visit *******
25 Dec 2009
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This is a part of the opening ceremony of the 15th Asian Games Doha 2006 Mohammed Bin Hamad Al-Thani, the Qatari equestrian captain who rose through the floor of the stadium astride his horse to accept the Flame. After giving a brief salute to the Emir, Al-Thani then turned and urged his mount into a gallop as he gallantly rode up a ramp that reached the full height of the stadium, much to the audience’s amazement. At the top the Torch lit a gold star, which turned upwards within revolving circles which became the astrolabe of the Seekers quest. The Flame was lit signaling the start of the 15th Asian Games.
6 Dec 2006
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The segments for show 1 are Crusty Demons, Astrolab, Fembots, Twingly, Can google hear me.
22 Apr 2007
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Matava - THE True Eco Resort in Fiji. www.Matava**** Matava is the genuine eco-adventure lodge, beautifully set off the beaten track, minutes from the Great Astrolabe Reef on Kadavu Island. Our intimate resort has beautiful, comfortable bures, outstanding cuisine and offers a full range of adventure and cultural activities. Dive or take a course with our PADI dive professionals. Experience fantastic fish, pristine corals, Mantas and sharks. Try big game fishing, snorkeling, sailing, sea kayaking, trekking, and join in authentic cultural and village events! No roads, solar power, low carbon footprint make Matava the ideal and environmentally responsible location to relax and unwind.
19 May 2009
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Venez découvrir le Parc national du Mont Mégantic au côté de Sébastien Giguère coordinateur scientifique à l'Astrolab. Le parc National du Mont Mégantic a été créé en 1994. Il est situé dans la magnifique région des Cantons de l’Est, plus précisément dans le petit village de Notre-Dame-des-Bois. Le parc possède une faune et une flore très diversifiée, plus de 125 espèces d'oiseaux et une vingtaine d'espèces de mammifères, dont l'orignal et le cerf de Virginie, sauront ravir les adeptes de la nature. Pour planifier votre voyage au Canada visitez notre site ! Site Web : *******
23 Dec 2009
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