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Μουσική - Στίχοι: Βασίλης Πάντσιος Κιθάρα:Τάσος Σκούρας Σαξόφωνο: Τάσος Καπζάλας Processing Voc: Γιάννης Βαρελίδης Master: Γιάννης Χριστοδουλάτος, (Sweetspot Studio, Athens) Photo: Alexandr Ivanov from Pixabay Art Work: Βαγγέλης Σερετίδης
24 Sep 2019
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Official Song of the SOCCA WORLD CUP, CRETE 2019 International SOCCA Federation Production: Libero S&T Direction: Stamatis Loukos Cinefaces Music: Alex Simon Papaconstantinou Lyrics: Thodoris Marantinis Produced, arranged and mixed by: Alex Simon Papaconstantinou (The Lounge Recordings, Athens) Lead Vocals: Thodoris Marantinis, Djibril Cissé Backing Vocals: Alex Simon Papaconstantinou Gang Vocals: Thodoris Marantinis Dimitris Kokonidis George Kokonidis Chris Tresintsis Alex Simon Papaconstantinou Drums: Dimitris Kokonidis Guitars: George Kokonidis Keys: Chris Tresintsis Bass, programming: Alex Simon Papaconstantinou Acoustic Guitars: Thodoris Marantinis Bouzouki: Panagiotis Kolokotronis Make up artist: Αλιάννα Καντερέ Styling: Κώστας Ζήσης
9 Oct 2019
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Joe goes to Athens with a goal in mind – to be trained to run the fastest 400 m of his life! He meets up with his co-host, Christina, at Zirinnio Stadium’s training center. After a grueling workout, some R&R is in order, especially since it means hanging out on Athens’ beautiful beaches, talking to local teens! Later on, Christina tries to inspire Joe’s athletic soul by showing him some of the sites around town. They visit the Herodus Atticus Theatre, Parthenon and the Temple of Athena Nike – the goddess of victory. Christina invites Joe to lunch with her family and he gets to taste some traditional Greek foods. After lunch, and after visiting the spectacular Hadrian’s Arch, Joe does some more taste-testing at a popular café and an outdoor Greek market before Christina takes him to her favourite clothing store where they pick up some racing clothes for Joe. Joe’s nearly ready for his race now, but not before he and Christina have some fun at Allou Fun Park. Back at the Zirinnio Stadium, Joe warms up. Ready, set… and he’s off! Christina and Joe celebrate his big race at a traditional Greek restaurant and unwind by learning some Greek dance moves.
1 Feb 2007
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Greek singer Domna Samiou performs at Athens 2004 Olympics Closing Ceremony, during an interpretation of the traditionals greek weddings.
3 May 2007
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Watch Milan and Liverpool fans at Greece Athens Omonia Square waitting for the Final of CL to begin !!
23 May 2007
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An amazing documentary by History**** Lost Worlds.Athens.Ancient Supercity 1.The Parthenon, Athens. 2.The First Democracy and the Agora. 3.The Athenian Houses and the Water System. 4.The Athenian Walls. 5.The Athenian Navy and the War With Sparta.
13 Jul 2007
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My Home In Athens (2007)
17 Nov 2007
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The new Athens Greece Acropolis Museum where the marbles of parthenon are being transfered
6 Jan 2008
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Athens,Greece from Akropolis
12 Nov 2008
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il panorama d' Acropolis ad Athene
6 Feb 2008
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USA-Lithuania Athens 2004
1 Apr 2008
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This is a short video of Athens from the Acropolis, taken in April 2008.
6 Oct 2008
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