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Technology has reached a level never before seen. Automated machines collecting garbage dumps. Soon, all humans will be replaced by machines.
9 Aug 2019
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(2-6-08) You can count on Omnicell (OMCL) to count your drugs. Just don't count on their stock price staying at an all time high!
6 Feb 2008
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*******Twitter5.Notlong**** Twitter Traffic - The automated traffic machine
9 Jun 2009
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You can't outsmart an automated machine that has a sensor for idiots like you. Just pay the $2 for God's sake
19 Dec 2006
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*******automationinyourinternetbusiness**** How Would You Like to Spend Less Time Working on Your Business and Watch Your Sales Take Off Like a Rocket Ship?!Freedom is just around the corner as you turn your business into an automated machine
19 May 2011
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You want to pass over the bottle to someone but he is some feet away and you are lazy as f*ck to get up, here's the perfect automated machine (not quite perfect yet)
19 Sep 2017
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An automated machine that provides items such as snacks, beverages, alcohol, chocolate, cigarettes, lottery tickets, chewing gum, birth control, condom vending, bulk candy, gumballs, dairy products, newspaper, stamps, soap products and tickets to consumers is known as a vending machine.
10 May 2018
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