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Der Avenger ist das erste Mittelklasse-Fahrzeug der Marke Dodge. Im dritten Quartal 2007 wird er endlich erhältlich sein.
15 Apr 2007
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c this....avengers boyz r rocking.........
20 May 2007
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This is Avenged Sevenfold's "Seize the Day" solo played by Velixio of PixelKings****
4 Jun 2007
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This is my first AMV, from the first Avenger's Episode. I hope you enjoy Mi primer AMV, basado en el primer capítulo de esta serie, no es que sea maravilloso, pero ya iré mejorando. Espero que os guste Dieses ist mein erstes AMV. Ich hoffe, ihr gut gefällt (más)
7 Jul 2007
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girl friend avenging her betrayal
14 Sep 2007
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"Avenge Me," the latest creation from cinemabeyond, has the new guy being haunted by the previous tenant, who wants vengence for his death. (more)
10 Oct 2007
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The Zero Gravity Avenger lands on Mars, where nothing but ACTION awaits!
1 Nov 2007
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Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. Review of 2008 Dodge Avenger.
31 Jan 2008
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Go to MYRIDE.COM for more car videos. Dodge continues to roll out eye catching designs with its Avenger concept. The mid-size sedan inherits many of its styling cues from the current Dodge family, including swoopy, charger like rear fenders, the inferno red paint, and the signature cross hair grill.
3 Mar 2008
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My first Naruto AMV, second in general. Enjoy. =) Immediate music - Avenger Naruto AMV
24 Apr 2008
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Don’t be fooled by the cover, it’s a little misleading. There are no actual avengers in this book. It continues to give us the history on the invasion from the Skrull’s side and how they got to the point they’re at now. The first part is a little slow as it gets through the history stuff but it continues to build momentum and ends really strong. We get to see the Elektra imposter and hear of not only how they began the invasion but also how they developed the technology to do it. It spans all the way back to the Kree Skrull war and through marvel history. The clues given as to who the other imposters might be gets the blood flowing and the choice the queen makes in the end not only confirms some suspicions of mine from about a month ago (boy it’s good to be right) but also makes a pretty big impact especially when weighed against the nick fury story we saw last week in Mighty Avengers. Go pick this one up and get in on the invasion. shazap****
23 May 2008
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shazap**** This is another one of those crazy time crossover things that comic companies love to do because they can sell some extra books and put together some interesting what if scenarios. It’s like the eagle vs shark or Tyson vs Ali. This one ups the anti a little bit as it thrusts captain America back into current continuity. This is yet another way that marvel has teased us with the possible return of captain America but at least with this one we know that it is the actual Steve Rogers and that we will be around for at least twelve issues. A year is a long time and a lot can happen in the marvel universe so I guess this is a pretty clear indication that it will be a while before we know whether or not Cap is coming back. Just to recap we’ve got the blast from the past Invaders cap, the cap that got out of the skrull space ship in the avengers book a few months ago, and that Steve Rogers looking thing in the tank in the captain America books. Marvel definitely knows how to keep you guessing. This is a good start to a series and raises a lot of questions, especially with the characters that are still around today. Pick this one up, this series looks like it will be worth sticking
25 May 2008
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