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*******www.FullTiltLife**** with an extremely close call after a Andersen Turbo Busa comes down from a big power wheelie. The ensuing tankslapper is so powerful that the front wheel ends up bending. GREAT SAVE by the rider, however. Kings of the Street Part 2 Highlight clip.
9 Aug 2009
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This truck driver just barely managed to avoid total disaster when he was taking a turn & his cargo almost tipped over on a car beside it, but just managed to maneuver in time to avoid disaster!
14 Jun 2019
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This woman narrowly averted disaster after crossing the street after two cars collide & almost smash into her! Talk about good luck!
7 Jun 2019
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This woman just averted disaster when she was quietly blowing bubbles when a paraglider comes out of nowhere!
8 Jul 2019
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A video about chemtrails, a top-secret worldwide program to "geoengineer" the planet to avert disasters caused by global warming, climate change. The plan to infuse the stratosphere with shiny, microscopic metallic particles to reflect solar radiation and heat back into space was described by elite scientists and patents in the early 1990s. The program to spray a mixture of aluminum oxide and other "Welsbach" metals into the atmosphere from high-flying aircraft appears well under way, evidenced by the chemtrails, white lines left behind the aircraft that spread and persist until a thin band of "clouds" covers the sky with a white haze.
26 Feb 2012
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Are you prepared for the next Hurricane? We guide you through four apps that will hopefully avert disaster.
2 Sep 2012
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Download: ******* Take total control in Crysis 3 and experience a new level of freedom in the premiere sandbox shooter of 2013. Players assume the role of Prophet as he returns to New York City; a vision of a catastrophic future driving him forward in his battle with both human and alien forces. Bound by his determination to avert disaster, Prophet discovers the corrupt Cell Corporation have encased the once-great metropolis in a vast Nanodome. Raging rivers, dense swamplands and overgrown trees now define the city's landscape and form distinct environments known as the Seven Wonders. With each area posing unique new challenges, players can expect ever-evolving gameplay that encourages a tailored strategic approach. The freedom to customize the game's weapons and upgrade Prophet's enhanced Nanosuit means everyone can find their own individual way to tackle the dangers of New York City in 2047. Fight for the future in Crysis 3 as you assess, adapt, attack and lead Prophet on the ultimate do-or-die mission! Tags: Crysis 3 Trailer announcement official gameplay machinima video game gaming xbox 360 microsoft playstation 3 ps3 sony codemasters racing download crysis free downloadfreegames free pc downloads crysis for mac crisis pc game crysis 1 demo crysis 3 playstation 3 free monopoly download gam free download game downloads torrent bittrrent download crysis 2 download full download bottorent x box 360 chrysis 3 solitaire free download crysis 2 limited edition ps3 download game crysis 3 free games torrent ceysis 3 rar game downloads crysis download for pc free crysis 2 nano edition cyrysis 3 buy crysis 2 online crysis 3 alpha download crysis 2 single player demo free download crysis download crysis for pc fps pc crysis3 gameplay playstation 3 torrents freedownloadgames crysis 2 download free game torrents downloads crysis download full game free freegames download crysis 2 demo pc buy crysis 2 crysis download full game free pc shooters crysis 2 pc crsysis 3 ps3 crysis 2 crysis 2 xbox buy crysis crysis game download torrent games downloads crysis pc download free crysis 2 demo download free fps shooters igi game free download torrents games download crysis 2 download pc crysis ps3 battlefield bad company 2 crysis demo download download utorrant for pc crysis demo computer games torrent download download game crysis crysis download torrens pc games free download crysis wars download crysis game crysis free download for pc ctysis 3 crysis game free download download bittotent pc game torr crysis download for pc c rysis crysis 2 xbox 360 crysis download free cruysis 3 crsys 3 crysis xbox 360 crysis game download free crysis 2 ps3 crtsis 3 cryiss 3 cryysis 3 cryssis 3 crysis pc free download c rysis 3 cryris 3 crysis free download crysis maximum edition free scrabble download cr ysis freegames download crysis for pc crrysis 3 crysis for pc free download xrysis 3 crysis 3 pc iso torrent crysis on pc crysis pc download crysis 2 free download crysis 3 torrent download pc
2 Mar 2013
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