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European Awakening
27 Jul 2019
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A homeless guy is sleeping on the sidewalk when someone drops a plastic bag filled with water on this face. Whoever did that is going to hell.
2 Aug 2019
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Guy sleeping on the bed of a pickup truck gets a pretty rude awakening when someone from a balcony throws a bucket of water on him. Dude wasn't angry about it though.
31 Jul 2019
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Down to Earth awakens the powerful blend of nature and science to give you one of the most effective anti aging skin care lines on the market today. Designed around the foundation of the exclusive complex “the Essential 5,” a potent blend of the most powerful antioxidants known to man, Down To Earth incorporates a remarkable blend of the purest, time-proven botanicals with cutting-edge scientific ingredients to bring you revolutionary skin treatments.
5 Aug 2019
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Larry Booker talks about the basis on which Ivy league colleges were started and their values when started. About Ben Franklin and values upon which US was started. Talks about the life of David Brainerd (prayer) who stayed with Jonathan Edwards until he died of a disease. Tells history of Burr family. One of the Burr family was adversely influenced by a Princeton college president. Bro Booker warned of educators who can influence you for the worse. 2nd great Awakening which drastically affected: Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists. Principal characters were Barton Stone, and Alexander Campbell. Thomas Campbell was another major character in the Restorationist movement. He was Alex. Campbell's father. He covers the Restorationist movement. Then Bro Booker mentions Charles Fox Parham year 1895. He is a Restorationist. During prayer, God asks him if he has done everything His Word tells him to do? And finally, Parham responds NO! Then Parham writes (in his biography) the words of Acts 2:38. Parham was then baptized in Jesus name. By 1804 Barton Stone left the Presbyterian church, ejected because the Presbyterians thought B. Stone was going too far back in the Restorationist movement effort. Back past the individual religion's, and dogma, back to God's Word. Alexander Campbell wrote an essay "A Restoration of the Ancient Order of Things" in a magazine he started calling "The Christian Baptist" In this time frame The Campbells started a movement whose roots is the church of Christ today. Historically, and even today, those Church of Christ adherents have been known as Campbellites (also as Campbellism). Joseph Campbell was accused of being a Modalist, and strict Monotheist back in those days. Bro Wise was in a 5 day debate with a Church of Christ minister. He didn't talk about particulars of Biblical baptism in Jesus name (the planned debate topic) But, instead talked about what it takes to be a reprobate. He basically said you do not have to know God or own a Bible
14 Aug 2019
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Today, hundreds of millions hold to a belief system and salvation practice that no one had ever held until relatively recently. The sinners prayer is a invention that changes God's plan of salvation. The Sinner's Prayer is a modern apostasy and false teaching that prevents people from being saved. The earliest idea of sinners prayer is less than 500 years old. The prayer itself dates to the Billy Sunday era; however, the basis for talking in prayer for salvation goes back a few hundred years. It wasn't formalized as a theology until around the time of Billy Graham. No one in the word of God ever prayed for their initial salvation. They did however believe, repent, confess Jesus and be immersed in his name in water for the forgiveness of their sins. So if you prayed the "sinners prayer" for your salvation, you are still lost in your sins, because it is not what God said to do. How did the Sinner's Prayer evolve into what it is today? Although everyone was not following exactly what the Apostles taught after the Reformation, for the first time in over a thousand years the general populace was reading the Scriptures. Thanks in part to the invention of the printing press. Many still held to the importance of water baptism in the New Birth process, but because of Catholicism, it was not in the name of Jesus, as it changed in 325 AD to the titles father, son and Holy Ghost and was done three times for the newly formed trinity teaching. Also it was done by sprinkling on infants, because of a Catholics agreeing upon this in 1311. The majority still held to the validity of infant baptism even though they disagreed on it's significance. The influence of the preachers eventually led to the popular notion that one was forgiven at infant baptism but not yet reborn. Most Protestants were confused or ambivalent about the connection between rebirth and forgiveness. The Great Awakening of the 1700's changed all of that. Though Protestants were lukewarm on the practice of baptism, Gr
18 Aug 2019
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Imagine getting shot in the head with a sling shot while asleep. Painful Awakening.
20 Aug 2006
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Technoparty: Awakenings in the Maassilo, Rotterdam, Netherlands Date: 27-01-2007 DJ: Bart Skils
5 Feb 2007
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awakenings party graansilo rotterdam
20 Feb 2007
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awakenings party gashouder techno 6 7 oktober 2006
21 Feb 2007
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awakenings april 2005 techno party gashouder
20 Feb 2007
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A spoken word rendition of my prose entitled "I Awakened"
26 Mar 2007
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