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This is an example of how awesome a dad could be. He took his disabled son on the wheelchair to the skate park and lets him enjoy skating just like everybody else. This is so moving.
4 Jul 2017
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News on self driving cars, a hilarious world's best father calendar, a new indie gaming charity & more!
28 Sep 2012
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This really cool father guides his daughter step by step and teaches her how to do drifts and other stunts like a pro.
31 May 2019
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Dad manages to get an awesome ace in the disc golf. How is he doing that while I don't even know how to properly throw it.
15 Aug 2017
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So let me tell you about a man. A man named Marty. Marty King. He's turning 58 today! Wow! He's one of the coolest guys I know. Not just because he's my dad. But because he's an awesome dad. And husband (to my mom), and father-in-law, and grandpa, and cook, and engineer, and teacher, and cook, and chef, and cook. Hope you like the song, Pops! PS - We shot the song in only one take. Heath, the little guy, was getting too hot and had to go inside. Not sure if the heat was from the weather or those blazing harmonica solos! Lyrics Hey Marty, you're the King It's more than just your name, so listen up, I'll tell you what I mean Your wife, Mary Beth, says that you're the best And a super dad, Julie and I can attest K and J think you're an awesome father-in-law And heath always loves to play with you, his Papa And not to mention you've got some other skills You're always working hard so you can pay the bills With your jobs you have always excelled From the JJ, Motorola, and the Baxter to the ATL You've moved up the ladder to a dream career Getting paid to fly to Munich and drink their beer And and not to mention the food you cook,Lookout Betty Crocker, if you ever ever write a book! From the hummus to the bread to the yearly sazitza From the pico de gallo to the Marty King's pizza From the chicken of the land and the salmon of the sea From taking a steak and smoking it for jerky Hey Marty, you're the King!
23 May 2010
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