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This makes science fiction look like old stuff
28 Mar 2006
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Professor B juggles the possibility of removing an eggshell without cracking the egg. More every Saturday!
3 Mar 2007
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Professor B explains crystallization by doing a sweet experiment.
21 Mar 2007
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Professor B explains the process of recycling paper in the season finale of ScienceHome. Check us out next week for another great show!
25 Mar 2007
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Chef Brandon cooks up an authentic Italian pizza pie. More every Saturday!
10 Apr 2007
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3 Feb 2009
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Lego City Movie is the title for now unless if anyone has a more relevant one to the story? Story is about a an evil mad ex-military commander (General Adalgar) who wants to take over Lego City with his powerful robotics equipment and technology within his towering domain. The battle later begins and it is a bloody one. In the End, you will find out how the story turns up : )
10 Nov 2009
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Watch this video if you are thinking about posting your videos online- the site tubemogul**** will save you hours of your life and is offered as a free service to the casual user. This “Video Platform” lets you post your video to them, and select up to 14 sites to post on, including all the major ones. It’s already saved me hours and hours of time and carpal tunnel from copying and pasting when posting on all my different sites. Hope this info helps all you posters out- if you know me locally and want me to show you how to use tubemogul**** to help you get out your videos, e-mail me and I will help you out. BTW- I am not associated with tubemogul in any way- I just see their awesome technology as a way for all of us to get the message out when the mainstream media won’t!! Thanks so much for watching!
12 May 2008
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Awesome Technology from China, Product Made in China...
28 Jun 2008
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*******www.therenegadehealthshow**** - Yep, purple tomatoes... I don't go too much into this, but I think you'll like what I have to say about these Frankenstein-like creations. It's been an amazing week last week, we've broken through some awesome technological ground and know what it takes to bring this show and what we're doing to the next level! Stay tuned for 2009! In this episode, I also talk about how you can take action on what you learned from the Rawkathon. It's a simple process and I think you'll get the most results if you use it! Sooo.... Use it! :-) Take a look...
28 Oct 2008
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It's been a big day in tech (Monday) and the Moxie Mo Show has it all covered. As I'm sure you've heard by now, the next gen iPhone (iPhone 4) was found at a bar in California over the weekend. A big "oops" for Apple and a "win" for Gizmodo who acquired the phone and confirmed it's legit. We have the pics and the specs of the new iPhone 4 that Apple should be launching in June.  In other really moxie news, a company called Winscape has created some awesome technology with an app controlled by a Wii-Remote and your iPhone as well as a few HDTVs. Winscape can literally turn your HDTVs into virtual windows, allowing you an ocean view that you've always wanted in your living room, or even a realistic view of the San Francisco bay in your dining room. It's virtual - meaning "life like" and you won't believe what they've accomplished until you see their video. If you want more information on Winscape's project and how they did it, click here. Last but not least, the Moxie Mo Show iPhone App now has released version 2 and iTunes has finally approved it and it's ready for upgrading or downloading. This is a free app that keeps you up to date on all things moxie, including all of our episodes (to view on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch), our Facebook Moxie Mo Show page, our Moxie Mo Twitter page and even a button to contact me directly with a tip, a story or even a question! Huge thanks to Lionel Archeluta, a huge fan and friend of the show, for making this awesome app. This episode is brought to you by Dollar and Thrifty Rental Car. If you're ever renting a car, you need to use Dollar or Thirfty and use our promo code MOX10 to save money off of your reservation! It's easy to do - just remember to use MOX10 at checkout (when they ask for the promo code).
21 Apr 2010
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Steel Talons review. Classic Game Room reviews STEEL TALONS for Atari Lynx from 1992, a helicopter shooting action game where you can fly through real 3D style environments on an early 90's handheld! Awesome technology, slow and laggy responses to controls through... maybe better left in the early 90's (like my mullet. But wait, I could use a mullet again! Mullets are the El Caminos of haircuts after all!) Blow up air and ground targets with machine guns and missiles, hear garbled voice dialog coming from your commander and watch the Lynx grind away at 3-5 frames a second trying to keep up with the complex game flying in a pseudo-free roam environment.
28 Jun 2012
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