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In pointing out the flaw of the bad design argument, I would also like to point out that many materialists have always made many false presumptions in the face of unknown facts. This following site has a excellent, and fairly comprehensive, list of the consistent failed predictions of Darwinism. Darwin’s Predictions - Cornelius Hunter *******www.darwinspredictions****/ Along these lines, for many years materialists predicted much of human anatomy was vestigial. Yet once again, they were proven completely wrong in this prediction. “The thyroid gland, pituitary gland, thymus, pineal gland, and coccyx, … once considered useless by evolutionists, are now known to have important functions. The list of 180 “vestigial” structures is practically down to zero. Unfortunately, earlier Darwinists assumed that if they were ignorant of an organ’s function, then it had no function.” "Tornado in a Junkyard" - book - by former atheist James Perloff For a prime example of evolution's failed predictions of vestigial organs, recently in October 2007, the appendix has been found to have essential purpose in the human body: Appendix has purpose: Excerpt: "The appendix acts as a good safe house for bacteria," said Duke surgery professor Bill Parker. *******en.wikinews****/wiki/Scientists:_appendix_has_purpose Moreover, the vestigial organ argument, like the "Junk DNA argument, is basically the "Bad Design" argument which is used by evolutionists. A argument that quickly leaves the field of empirical science and enters squarely into the field of Philosophical debate. Refuting The Myth Of "Bad Design" vs. Intelligent Design - William Lane Craig - video ***********/watch?v=uIzdieauxZg Evolution vs The Eye - Miracle Or Mistake? - article ***********/Doc?docid=0AYmaSrBPNEmGZGM4ejY3d3pfMThmd25mdjRocQ As well, the "predicted" plasticity of embryonic stem cells vs. adult stem cells, in curing diseases, is turning out to be a huge bust for the materialist. Umbilical cord, & Adult Stem Cells v. Embryonic Stem Cells: So which is better: embryonic stem cells or adult stem cells? Thus far, embryonic stem cells can't currently treat any diseases, while adult stem cells have helped patients with 72 conditions. *******www.stemcellresearch****/facts/treatments.htm Who Needs Embryonic Stem Cells? “New techniques circumvent a roadblock to the production of embryonic-stem-cell-like lines from adult tissue. Such reprogrammed cell lines should be much safer to use for therapy.” *******www.creationsafaris****/crev200905.htm#20090503a Stem Cell News: Jan. 2010 Excerpt: Dr. Gregory Brent (UCLA) told an audience Saturday night that embryonic stem cells have yet to produce one treatment, while adult stem cells are currently treating millions. *******www.creationsafaris****/crev201001.htm#20100118a Intelligent Design - The Anthropic Hypothesis *******lettherebelight-77.blogspot****/
4 Feb 2010
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Bad Design = Loss, here's what bad design costs you-
21 Mar 2018
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If you have a website or blog that isn't working it is almost certain to be caused by one or more of these five components to a good (or bad) website. What is a "good" website? How about one that A. gets little traffic, or B. Makes no money!
20 Jan 2009
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Visit *******www.nasalcleanse****/index.html after watching our video on nasal irrigation as a natural sinus infection remedy. Learn how & why this natural sinus remedy really works! Unlike the messy, old-fashioned neti pot or competitors with badly-designed, backflow-prone squeeze bottles that can cause sinus infection, NasalCare’s patented NasalCare® Nasal Rinse System ensures comfortable and effective delivery throughout the nasal passages, preventing sinus infection, allergy and post nasal drip. A soothing mix of sea salt and Aloe Vera extract washes away nasal irritants and the common causes of colds and flu while providing nasal congestion relief via our nasal wash. NasalCare also acts as a sinus rinse for allergy treatment. Though used for centuries in the Orient as a natural remedy and preventative measure for all sinus conditions, nasal irrigation is just catching on here.
17 Nov 2009
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Visit our site *******www.closets-doors**** To celebrate the grand opening of our newest branch in San Francisco,  Closets Doors and Beyond would like to announce a limited time only sale beginning  April 2010, of up to 50% OFF on all doors. Let Closets Doors and Beyond create a stylish and affordable custom closet for you. Our team of designers will help you increase the efficiency and potential of your closet and will make the best use of any wasted space as a result of bad design. We use only materials and accessories of the highest and safest quality in order to meet our customers’ standards and expectations. As with any other product manufactured your custom closet is also inspected by our professionals in our very own quality control team department. The following is a small representation of the design possibilities that can be when working with Closets Doors and Beyond: Accessories racks for your pants or shawls Accessories shelves for ties and belts Accessories shelves for all of your jewelry storage A variety of wood finishes and wood stains A variety of stylish finishes and styles for door knobs and door pulls 6 different door styles and door profiles 10 different door insert materials and insert colors Custom designed closet shelving Custom designed closet drawers and closet doors Custom designed closet shoe storage racks Custom coat and custom dress storage These and many more possibilities are what we have available to you in order for you to create the organized custom closet of your dreams. We also have our very own 24 hour a day 7 day a week Customer Service Plus team program, which can be found directly online at your convenience for any kind of help you may need, whether it’s a design question or a warrantee question. You should also know that even though our custom closets are manufactured right here in the US it doesn’t mean we lack diversity. We have design styles available from Modern to Contemporary, Traditional and European looks as well. Visit our site *******www.closets-doors****
22 Apr 2010
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We produce customized mortgage websites for mortgage professionals highlight you in a professional manner. Mortgage websites are typically made up of over loaded and badly designed templates. A professionally designed mortgage website will make a great first impression on your clients. Contact Solsites**** to design your professional mortgage website
8 Aug 2010
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*******www.whiplash-injuries******* - The neck is said to be one of natures most badly "designed" areas of the human body. The way the neck is put together is simply not robust enough to cope with the very harsh physical demands that we place upon it. As a result of this underlying natural vulnerability many people suffer from whiplash injuries when they are involved in car accidents. A whiplash injury can affect the entire structure of the neck, such as the vertebrae, discs and ligaments but also the vital nerves and connective tissue. The neck is simply not well enough equipped to deal with the type of acceleration and deceleration injury that is associated with a car accident. Whilst this is a rather obvious thing to say, the reality is that this underlying vulnerability can lead to very serious injuries in certain circumstances. For many people, whiplash injuries can be very problematic and long-lasting. Early treatment and management of these injuries is essential and you should never be afraid to visit your doctor or the local accident and emergency department for medical advice in the aftermath of an accident. It is far better to be proactive, not only with your medical situation, but also with your legal position, in order to ensure that your recovery stays on track and any out-of-pocket expenses that you incur as a result of your injuries, can be fully recovered.
21 Jul 2011
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The internet is very larger now than it ever has been, and almost every organization and company has a website of its own. This is certainly true of the education sector, where practically every school has its own website. However, these websites may not be being used to their full potential. There are a lot of opportunities a website could provide to a school, but a badly designed website will deny the school name and fame, causing damage to their potential reputation. Preventing them from being as efficient and effective as they could be. Good School web designing providing lot of benefits like allowing absent pupils to what they are missed, communication between parent and teachers, of course these all are possible with without website also, but with website schools management take responsibility of all these without time wasting, so website compulsory for every school. School website Designed correctly and with the right features like images, alumni, fee and more. A school website can provide benefits and services to more people than just the parents. A well designed school website will allow teachers to put learning material on the site, allowing pupils to learn and revise from home and allowing parents to become more involved in their child's learning. Now offering new schools script, parents and teachers can contact with special login details, Parent can know here about their child status like education, marks, attendance, regularity, attitude and teacher update children status of their particular parents account, so, this very easy way to communicate parents and teachers. Today parents not having that much of time to come to school and chat with teachers, in these busy lives everybody busy their works. This total concept very useful for school management, just come and buy today, helps you to domain selection, if you already having domain means just buy this script and copy & paste in your existed script or if you are not having website, give you best web domain with good designing concept.
7 Mar 2012
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Spongebob Squarepants: Supersponge review. Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of Spongebob Squarepants: Supersponge for the Game Boy Advance. Released in 2001, this game was developed by Climax and published by THQ. It's actually not a badly designed platformer, but the controls are extremely stiff, something that could turn away all but the most devoted Spongebob fans. Nevertheless, it is a sign that games based on cartoons can be good if the developers spend some time with them. This video review features video gameplay footage of for Spongebob Squarepants: Supersponge and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Gabe.
3 Oct 2012
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28 Aug 2017
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