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Spartak - Dynamo. Very BAD HIT for hockey defender.
5 Jan 2010
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ice hockey khl. spartak vs dinamo riga. VERY BAD HIT for defender. Dinamo Riga v Spartak Moscow in Kontinental Hockey League - European Ice Hockey
23 Feb 2010
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Looks like this guy's soul got carried away to heaven when he got hit in the head by the other guy and as he blacks out, a white pigeon comes out of nowhere.
15 Aug 2019
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badli hit
13 Aug 2011
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Was in the middle of playing a single player map when all of a sudden my bullets stopped doing any damage to the enemy whatsoever.
22 Sep 2011
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You can hear him murmuring something in pain just after the accident. He had a bad hit on his head and I hope no permanent damage is there.
28 Aug 2018
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She took a nice jump but while she was about to land on the ground, she couldn’t have the control and hit the ground very badly. Watch how!
18 Dec 2017
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A Bull Fighter gets badly hit by a bull.
27 Mar 2008
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*******sportsinjuriespainreliefandfasthealing.wordpress**** Steve is a classic example showing how an horrific sports injury can be healed in about half the expected time with significantly reduced pain. He was recently playing at a hockey tournament in Queensland where he received a significant sports injury. He recovered in an incredibly short period of time, and managed to amaze the doctors. Steve was badly hit on his right hand which shattered the knuckle. Of course he was out of the tournament, which was really bad luck as it happened in the first game! The doctors said he would need surgery when he returned to Perth in 2 weeks, after the tournament. However, during the course of the 2 week period in which time he used a small device on his hand, three things became evident. * Firstly the bruising appeared on his hand in a symmetrical round shape - the exact shape of the device which was drawing out the bruising. The doctors had never seen anything like it before! * Secondly, the bone had received a hairline fracture, which totally healed. Again, the doctors had never seen anything like it before! * Thirdly, Steve never did need to have surgery .. the hand healed all by itself with the help of this device. Finally, I would also mention that this kind of injury must have been excruciatingly painful, but that he described the pain as 'not too bad' after applying this device and letting it do it's work. Although when it first happened he did take a more than a few painkillers! Steve is a classic example of how this device gives rapid recovery from sports injuries e.g. knee injuries, joint injuries, ankle injuries, neck injuries, muscle injuries, hamstring injuries, tendon injuries, soft tissue injuries etc. and at the same time giving natural pain relief. For more information please visit *******sportsinjuriespainreliefandfasthealing.wordpress**** or email Alan at sportsinjuriespainreliefgmail****
25 Jan 2010
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******* The recession has called for some tough decisions from business owners. What should you do in a recession? Which customer do you focus on? What about your profit margins? How do you achieve growth in a recession? Should you concentrate on the most profitable areas? In this quick clip from the latest GIBz.TV show, Director of The Falcon Flying Group, Anoop Bamrah tells us how he is coping with the problem. Flying is badly hit by the recession and that puts him under special pressure. Should he stick with the consumer market and private flyers or go for commercial pilot training, when airlines have also cut back heavily on recruitment? See the full chat and get business advice, tips, inspiration and fun with real world business people who talk in plain English. That's GIBz.TV - *******
12 Jan 2010
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This cow either have amnesia or got a very bad hit on it's head. Whatever the reason is not it thinks that it is a dog playing in the beach.
24 Dec 2017
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Fifa Fun episode #6 presents: -Bad hit boxes where the ball is deflected without even being touched. -Bugs and glitches: the ball passes through players. -Multiple players slamming into each other and falling in a funny way resulting in an funny own goal.
4 Aug 2018
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