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How can this behaviour pass without a red card...
20 Jun 2006
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bad day always comes where and when ever you are
12 Dec 2020
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this vedio shows the bad moment of killing presedentt sadart مقطع فيدبو لحظــة مقتــل الرئيــس الراحـل محمد انـور السـادات
22 Feb 2011
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I don't do a lot of song writing. Usually it happens when I'm going through some emotional or tough times. Like now. This early sobriety stuff is a full time job. So, I wrote a song. Lyrics: Threw away everything I owned In one bad moment, all I had was gone And now I face The Man alone Time to stop running. Time to atone. Used to drink too much to help me feel Lost touch with everything that was real. Maybe it was Jesus who took the wheel cause only now am I ready to kneel (CHORUS) I dont need to drink No, I dont need to drink I dont need to drink anymore (repeat) Didnt know what I had become Livin for the bottle, it lost its fun. (HA HA) But I been redeemed, got a good life to come Turning my will over to a Greater One I guess Im lucky Im not in my grave I really didnt think I was worthy to save Re-learning how to think, live and behave Getting serenity. Leaving my cave (CHORUS x2) This disease of mine is to blame But dont get me wrong, were one and the same Ive had 25 years to poison my brain Now its time to let go and deal with the pain I was living my life like a runaway train Nearly killed me, nearly drove me insane Im ready for hope. Im ready for change. At the cost of my old life, a new life I gain (CHORUS)
14 May 2010
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Ben Carson debate FAIL! What does that mean? Well, Ben Carson is running for President. President of the United States. And at a Republican Debate in New Hampshire, well, Ben Carson caused a bit of a traffic jam. You can go ahead and call it the Ben Carson Traffic Jam of 2016. We’re gonna call it that. And we are very important. We are the Internet is Your Fault, brought to you by Ranker. Honestly, what are the worst Republican debate moments ever? All time is a long time. Can you think of anything that stands out to you? The GOP, all politics aside, just seems to be really good at having bad moments in their debates. Someone always says something crazy, or, like is the case with Ben Carson, someone just stops moving. Ben Carson just straight up stopped moving. He ceased to be an active member of the human race and just stalled out. Seriously, there are some genuine WTF GOP Debate moments that you can look up. Shocking Republican debate statements are just par for the course. Which when you think about it, the worst moments are some of the best moments from Presidential debates. Anyway, why are you reading this? There is a video. Just watch the video.
11 Mar 2016
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Stories of the ink is a platform for tattoo lover to share stories behind their tattoos. Here people share their life experience, their good and bad moments and how it all relates to their tattoos. We also host an episode of tattoo stories on our website. All this is to bring like-minded people on a single platform where everyone talks about tattoos. We also have a directory of tattoo shops and tattoo artists where they can showcase their work and people can review and rate work of an artist. Artists can manage their own online shops and update their information, photos of their tattoo arts and help people with information about tattoos.
13 Sep 2018
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