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The video looks like a combo of 'bad'. Bad lane, bad driving, and bad car exhaust. The car provided inconvenience might turn into a crash someday.
5 Jun 2018
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We use grass cutter without any concern in daily life but we all should know that they too can explode violently. If you are not attentive enough, you can be hurt.
26 Jul 2018
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So take a lesson from this video that if you have something fragile, sliding on the floor might not be the best idea to have fun.
3 Sep 2018
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Found best friend on his bed with his chic
5 Sep 2007
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Not a bad way to spend the day, if you can make it.
24 Jan 2008
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A pair of swans are cleaning up a place filled with plastic garbage for their babies. It's just sad to see how much we have affected nature in a bad way.
8 Aug 2019
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Luckily, this guy wasn't hurt. This could have ended in a bad way.
15 Jun 2006
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A great backflip in a bad way.
18 Jul 2006
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No EVDO connection. No cell phone single. We've set up camp where the Skagit River runs into the Cascade River, surrounded on all sides by mountains ranging from 4,000 to 8,900 feet in elevation. It's very beautiful. People in town (Marblemount) say that we are 'in for a treat' tomorrow - I'm looking forward to it. But I'm getting ahead of myself - I mentioned in my last post I was excited about uploading the first few 'official' shots (I say 'official' because we've been capturing tons with the two mp4 cameras and our Nokia), yesterday we stopped at a laundry mat in Concrete where I managed to import a few minutes here and there, and export them straight to quicktime-movies. This 1st clip is one of the many takes we captures with the sun setting behind the camp-site. It was very cloudy and grey all day but around 8:30 the sun came down under the clouds enough to just light everything up. I'm so happy with this 2nd clip - we had set up in the morning to get their 'taking off' moment, and on the 35 kit (HDV35), the guys had their zoom-lens (200). But Amanda had packed her SLR camera and one of the lens she has for it is a very long lens (a 300), we swapped it out and it looks just amazing. Unbelievably sharp depth of field. We stopped by a field yesterday to shoot some tall grass with the mountains in the background - and I couldn't believe how many 'layers' of field we could shift through. The great news is it's turned out to be much, much easier to film on-the-fly with the 45 kit mounted to the FX1. At first we were planning to only break it out for interviews. But Olivier is finding it very simple to focus and move at the same time - which I love, it's just one more 'look' we can play with for the film. I also can't believe how much I'm loving the mp4 and Nokia footage, it gives a less 'cinematic / grandiose' feel to the shot and makes it more personal. I've uploading some of it here, here and here... and one more here. We've been slowly and carefully breaking out our 16mm, we only have 30 minutes of stock for the entire two months (if anyone has any 100 foot daylight spools they'd like to donate, please let me know, we could use it). But... *deep breath* I do have some bad news. It was news that, I could tell, was very hard for Jay to come talk to us about. Amanda was curled up in her tent, and the four of us guys were at the picnic table looking at rushes and talking about whatever, when Jay let us know the situation with his knee. I've never actually talked about it here on the site, so this will require a quick catch-up: Jay is a snowboarder, actually a very good one. In the 2005 he took the bronze in the world championship. Yea, I know, he's good. But he's had knee trouble for years, gone through 5 major surgeries, and at the moment is actually completely missing his ACL. Both Larry & Jay have been training, in the mountains, a great deal - so it's hard to say if it's the added weight to the bike that caused the problem, or if it just finally caught up with him. But only 10 miles into the ride this morning and his knee almost brought him to tears, and Jay's a tough enough guy to know that's a problem... especially on a flat day like they had this morning. So, Jay is going to stay behind - Larry is pressing on... alone. He's, understandably, a bit terrified about the following 4,200 miles - but he's also a bit excited about the solitude. It changes things for us, not in a bad way, but we'll adapt with it. As a crew we are still trying to find the best balance for what we are doing - I know it will take some time in this kind of on-the-move environment. For example, Jeff and I had a hell of time today with a simple crane shot - not too sure if any of that footage actually worked out. But I am very sad to see Jay go - I know he was very excited and ready for this ride, I know he's sad to watch Larry ride on without him. But I understand and encourage him not to push himself to the point of ruining his snowboarding career, or even just simply ruining his knee. It's going to be a hard good bye tomorrow morning. Well, it's after midnight, I need to get some sleep. Goodnight for now. (PS) I found out that a lot of the videos I uploaded with Transmit on the road didn't get transfered correctly and have been bouncing out bad files through the feed, sorry for this, I'll only try to upload from now on with a more reliable connection.
9 Dec 2007
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National News From Getthedaily**** - your online source for news! In today's top stories: The Federal Reserve insists help is on the way, plus Microsoft makes European history, in a bad way, and What happened to Starbucks yesterday? Hi everyone I'm Andrea Rene for get the daily****. Let's take a look at some top national stories. This morning Federal reserve chairman Ben Bernanke appeared on Capitol Hill proclaiming that the economy is getting worse! I think we are guessed that, I mean, look at gas prices! Ouch! He warned Congress of an impending sluggish economic growth period and hinted that another interest rate cut could be coming next month. The combination of the housing slump, deteriorating job market, and increased caution on the part of lenders has only worsened the economy. However, he is hopefully that the 168 billion dollar economic stimulus plan and the interest rate cuts will provide some relief in the second half of 2008, if we can make it that far! Software giant Microsoft was backhanded by the European Commission today with a fine of 899 million Euros, or $1.35 BILLION dollars. The fine was punishment for using their high prices to discourage competition, and is part of their on-going anti-trust litigation, which Microsoft didnt seem to think was that serious. That brings their current European union fine total up to 2.5 billion dollars for abusing the dominance of PC operating system WINDOWS, the largest ever for any company in history. And, Microsoft's problems don't stop there, two new investigations were opened last month and more fines could be levied unless they clean up their act. But, given the prospect of a Yahoo and Microsoft merger, I don't think losing the money really bothers them. Did anyone else notice the mystery Starbucks closing time yesterday? No? Not a fan? Well to millions of Starbucks customers, it might have been an inconvenience, but Starbucks hopes it was worth it. The company closed its coffee shops three hours early yesterday to retrain its employees on how to make a proper espresso. All stores now proclaim "Your drink should be perfect, every time." Starbucks made the move to do a mass training because their once booming stock has fallen 50 percent since late 2006, with many customers complaining of falling quality standards. And, the world's leading coffee shop said they are committed to turning that around. Stores are now open for regular business and Starbucks will continue with more training throughout the month. You just heard some top stories from get the daily****. I'm Andrea Rene and be sure to check back for ongoing news coverage. starbucks, microsoft, espresso, coffee, anti trust, europe, euros, european, customers, stock, economy, interest rates, houses, jobs, federal reserve, chairman, capitol hill, congress, gas prices, european commission, PC, windows, monopoly, competition, anti trust, drink, perfect, training, employment, news, national, headlines, getthedaily
28 Feb 2008
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PLEASE READ BEFORE COMMENTING OR EVEN WATCHING! this is a scruffy video and a bad aniamtion do not comment in any bad way or you iwll be blocked and the comment removed. a wizard fight!
10 May 2008
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born of a hate so pure you ain't heard nothing like this before everybody on alert when I hit the door lady in the miniskirt love me rich or poor rock the joint like a mothafuckin bank heist kiss the floor dose ya all with the potent raw we out law the south paw be out call whatchu doubt for? no fuckin' around dog we bringing more powerful vibes open your minds eye wide to the outside fly to the most high height it's alright star bright burning in the dark night my archetype is 3 stripe my squadron top flight if you fucking with mine you picked the wrong fight I'm prone to get at mothafuckas with the god light so what it is people tell me whatcha not like go ahead pop your style getcha knot tight you a mile wrong in a bad way my man living life in the fast lane but you don't understand the difference between what may be living in your dream and how to engineer the mothafuckin machine the art of war god lord with the audio sword body em all drop the 4th wall my party involved though my presence formal I'm legend to mortals sent by the devil to the edge of the morning I'm beheading your squadron one of heavenses lawmen shadow in the corner of the oval office get em out get em off this they ain't got the forces crack the code an get the dough like swordfish roll up in tesla dog fuck ya porsches knighted owl on em if he come up hawkish we minimize legitimize a bit of rhymes acidify the alkalines slippin through your spine we sipping some wine switchin time keeping pace put the heater in ya face if the evil wanna taste my people escape babylon burn it down travel on you need to get with the program dog
31 Jul 2009
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