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This is one hell of an explosion in the streets of Baghdad.(10/04/2005)
6 Jun 2006
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20 Jul 2007
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At least 6 people are killed and more than 30 injured the day after Iraq celebrates national soccer victory Monday July 30th, 2007 The soccer win seemed briefly to unite Iraqis of all religious and political affiliations. In what's described as the biggest street demonstrations since the fall of Saddam Hussein, joyous fans celebrated across the country in an outpouring of national pride. The team, known as the Lions of Mesopotamia, defeated Saudi Arabia 1-0 at the Asian games in Jakarta. For security reasons, the team does not play in Iraq. Players earn their living abroad, including the team captain and goal scorer, Younis Mahmoud, a Sunni Arab who says he is too scared to come home. Today's bombing happened just hours after authorities had lifted a ban on all vehicles in Baghdad and other major cities. The ban had been imposed in an attempt to prevent violence before and after the game. A minibus blew up around midday outside a market and bus depot near Baghdad's Tarayan square. The bus was one of several waiting to take passengers to mostly Shia neighborhoods. APTN cameras captured the euphoria of the players and cheering Iraqis Sunday, as well as the destruction that followed Monday. --Sent via *******heyspread**** : Upload videos to multiple sites quickly
25 Aug 2007
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Sana'a is an artist and mother who lives in Amman Jordan after fleeing Baghdad's violent streets. She talks about life in Baghdad & why she was forced to leave her country. Make a donation to support our work at *******www.aliveinbaghdad****/donate/
20 Sep 2007
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Living in an war zone and spending much of your day under curfew means you'll end up with a lot of time on your hands.? Many young people in Baghdad end up doing what others their age all over the world do, and that's play video games. Wisam explains to us the difficulties inherent in playing videogames, what his favorites are and some analysis of his current situation as well. Although we attempted to shoot a number of other interviews, to produce a piece with a wider perspective of the role videogames have begun to play in the lives of Iraqi youth, due to the security situation we were unable to find others willing to talk on camera. It should also be noted that those able to occupy themselves with videogames are a small percentage of the populace of Baghdad. For example, the amount of money Wisam spends on electricity each month is nearly equal to the average per capita income in Baghdad. Many youth, lacking outlets such as these, access to education, or gainful employment, are turning to militias and resistance groups as a way to fill their time.
20 Sep 2007
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Here is a montage of an average day traveling around Baghdad. I apologize for the lack of audio, I felt this would be better than leaving the various pop music and conversations from the peanut gallery as we drove through Baghdad. What you’ll see in this clip is some of the Baghdad landscape, as well as the fixtures of the Occupation, tanks and humvees all around. Near the end you’ll get a taste of what happens when an American Humvee convoy gets stuck in the Baghdad traffic.
30 Nov 2007
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Baghdad don`t .. don`t .. don`t hurt
31 Jan 2008
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COMPLETE LOCK DOWN IN BAGHDAD - 3-28-08 - MSNBC First Look - WalKnDude - www.planetnetopia****
29 Mar 2008
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Alive in Baghdad: Grass-roots approach to reconstruction in Sadr City
14 Apr 2008
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COLLECTOR'S EDITION DVD OUT TODAY - Having spent the past five years covering the band and helping its members find safe refuge, we'd like to imagine Acrassicauda need no introduction. For those of you who weren't around during the Heavy Metal In Baghdad days, however, Acrassicauda is Iraq's first and greatest metal band.
11 Jun 2008
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Iraqi Airways Take Off from Baghdad airport to Amman airport in dusty weather in 8-June-2008
25 Jun 2008
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Iraqi Airways departure (take off)from Amman airport to Baghdad Airport in 5-June-2008
23 Jun 2008
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