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You’re watching multisource global video news analysis from Newsy BY MARC STEIDLER Talk about “cheeky” -- In Iran, two soccer players are suspended indefinitely, fined $40,000, and could face public lashings for celebrating a goal-- like this: “Iran’s most popular team, Persepolis, was celebrating a goal...apparently it’s ok to kiss, but don’t try this -- Yikes! Number 13 jumped and so did the video -- to YouTube. Homosexuality is a punishable offense in Iran, which is why a criminal court judge told an Iranian news agency the love tap was a violation of public chastity. “[He] says soccer players..."committed an act against public morality" during their jubilant on-field celebration of a goal, and they should be sentenced to imprisonment and 74 lashes.” On Fox News, guests on Red Eye had differing views on if the pinch is punishable. “Courtney you said you were OK with the players being fined, which I don’t really understand. Bill, you couldn’t understand why the guy who got violated is getting in trouble, which I completely agree with. But then you said quote, ‘The other guy should definitely get lashed.’” The butt squeeze was so outrageous by Iranian standards, The Daily Mail reports members of Parliament even weighed in. “A cleric and member of Parliament called it a ‘shameless act’ and added that it had ‘upset, angered and outraged’ all sports fans.” According to The Washington Post-- social values and norms have changed in Iran in the past decade -- thanks to Internet access and more connections to the outside world. This has public figures walking a tightrope. “The increased openness has triggered a backlash, with the country’s ruling Shiite Muslim clerics doing all they can to control public spaces and state TV and to make an example of those who step out of line.” Iran’s football association web site claims the ban is indefinite because a final decision won’t be made until quote “other authorities” are consulted. Transcript by Newsy.
8 Nov 2011
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Bullfighting is a cruel sport and it should be banned as soon as possible. Wonder how people still condone this act of sheer cruelty. This bull got some vengeance though.
18 Sep 2019
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U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan is urging the NCAA to ban sports teams from post-season play if they don't graduate at least 40% of their players.
23 Mar 2010
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