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Brute strength and power (video).
19 Jul 2020
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Barbaric, twisted, sick, evil, and disgusting all come to mind when describing this. I know it's been posted before, but this version has more information, including the facial damage the woman suffered.
22 Feb 2007
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Aspiring Matadore Mistakenly Turns his Back on the Bull C'mon, if you wanna stab bulls in the face to get a rise out of a barbaric audience, you're gonna have to do better than that.
4 Oct 2007
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It didn't even flush. Truly, nature is barbaric.
8 Nov 2007
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With over 1,000 people continuing to die each day from conflict-related causes, five million have perished in seven years, more than any other conflict since the Second World War. Along with the heinous atrocities of barbarism, starvation, the massively orphaned and homeless, rampant infectious disease and death, with nearly 50 million people cut off from even the most basic of essentials, perhaps the most unimaginable aspect of the Congo war is the widespread use of genocidal rape as an instrument of war by members of both the national military and armed rebels. The social and health complications produced by this horror of genocidal rape have been menacing, with, more often than not, the victimized women bearing the children of the rapists, causing the social fabric of a nation already in the throes of the intolerable to be savagely torn apart.
29 Apr 2008
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This is not a pretty episode. Another barbaric act of nature has reared its hideous head and those of us allowed the opportunity to help have the obligation to share the full story. To read this episode in its entirety go to www.travelinyeti.blogspot****
27 Feb 2008
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16 Apr 2008
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How can we express the terrible shock we have felt from the proven fact that our government is using torture? How can we express what so many of us are thinking—that it is absolutely appalling to know that our representatives are implementing barbaric instruments of torture as policy? How do we express our moral outrage?
17 Apr 2008
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Double Standard. McCain made a terrible, insensitive, barbaric, masochistic, chauvinistic joke about wife-beating. Obama would have been crucified for the same joke...
22 Aug 2008
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NEW YORK -- One of the most barbaric forms of animal cruelty has an underbelly which for years has remained literally hidden in darkness: “Trunking” is dog fighting’s ugly secret.
26 Aug 2008
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well this my fren.........we where in d Barbar...well ....this might be one of our Memeoriable days of moment..
20 Dec 2008
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His world is turned upside down, without warning, chaos and carnage reigned. Watching his friends became victim to barbaric mass slaughter. Caught up in a failed military mission, with the threat of nuclear attack hanging in the balance. Could Jason Steed summon the will to survive and save his country? *******markacooper**** ISBN# (13 Digit)- 978-0741449344 Genre(s) of this book Young People- Action Fiction
3 Nov 2008
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nationaloptimistsparty**** ADAM: The Republicrats continue to favor centralized fossil fuels, hydroelectric and nuclear power generation. EVE: We favor power plants in and on every structure. ADAM: The Republicrats favor gasoline and electric powered cars. EVE: We favor magnetic mass and personal transportation. ADAM: The Republicrats want to bring back manufacturing jobs. EVE: We propose nanofactories in every home. ADAM: The Republicrats believe you should pay for your education and healthcare. EVE: We believe education and healthcare should be free and lifelong. ADAM: The Republicrats believe your retirement should be earned. EVE: We believe you can be born retired. ADAM: The Republicrats want top maintain a large standing army. EVE: We believe standing armies to be obsolete and propose all military functions be automated, until such time as other in our world forego primitive, barbarous behavior. ADAM: The Republicrats continue to agitate for the economics of scarcity. EVE: We advocate the economics of abundance. ADAM: The Republicrats would like to secure power for themselves. EVE: Wed like to secure liberty for you. ADAM: The Republicrats are headed for an apocalypse. EVE: Were headed for Eden. Were the National Optimists Party. Not to put too fine a point on it, we expect we have made the differences between ourselves and the others sufficiently clear to merit your support in November. Thank you.
27 Oct 2008
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You have been banned from MySpace Forums! this is todays message for me- banned from myspace forums- deleted several times from myspace- energy forums- so many- why- i am too bold for you- I solved the energy crisis by myself with a ONE MILLION VOLT experiment and noone believes me- my friends dont- passer bys dont- scientists dont- noone- all just ridicule and ignore- no wonder there is war- no wonder there is the Holocaust no wonder your WW3 comes- I have been misled this entire time- i was aware of it for several months- since I was given a message by god in 1998- i was under impression an age of unity begins- that ww2 was Armageddon in order for man to move on- and so i endeavored in my life long quest to find something the heavens have guided me to bring forth for man to make their lives better- and now my time has come- but for the first time i needed the interaction of others- and now i find the disgust why others loves their pets more than man- why man kills one another- I am the christ- you will not understand at this stage for your belly is full- your arrogance is high- your insight is limited- I must wait for YOUR PREPARATION in order for mankind to move to next stage of global unity- you are too ignorant and barbaric at this stage and you know it- war shall fix this- this time all families will beg for food- will pray for safety of children- if you say it is god that does this- you are wrong- for god has brought you solution but it is YOU that ignored it- AND THIS IS THE MESSAGE the children of the future that survive shall learn even the enlightened masters of times prior are WEAK- they just watch the bullies attack- they do nothing in order to protect their own lives- I am always filled with the HOPE that we can do it NOW without any more war- but even the Christ cannot do it alone- it takes YOU my days of screaming are coming to an end- it is your turn to scream as you lose your jobs- lose your health care - watch more children go to war over energy my little speech in public will come after ww3 what a shame 2012 solomon azar noblefuse
1 Dec 2008
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******* Tens of thousands of Lebanese, Palestinians and Arabs responded Monday to Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and gathered in Beirut's southern suburb in solidarity with Gaza and to pay tribute to the 318 martyrs who fell so far in the "Israeli" barbaric attack on the Strip. Despite the cold weather and rain, the Raya field and surrounding areas in Dahiye were full with protesters hours before the rally began. The waved Palestinian, Lebanese and Hizbullah flags and shouted anti US and "Israeli" slogans and calls for Egypt to take a historic stance in support of Gaza amid a suspicious official Arab silence. Sayyed Nasrallah addressed the protesters through a wide screen and praised their resolution and determination to support their brothers in Gaza. "I thank you and appreciate your response to the call to support Gaza. Today you are expressing your constant commitment to respond to this yearly call (Ashoura) and today is one of Imam Hussein's days and one of the days of Jihad and martyrdom. Today you are responding to the call of this great Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei for this nation to express solidarity and pride in the martyrs. To Gazans I say: your pain is our pain and your wounds are our wounds." His eminence stressed the whole world should understand that Gaza is not alone and that some media outlets, the retreat of some Arab political elites and time can never take Palestine from the hearts and minds of the nation. "Palestine will remain right and "Israel" will always be wrong," the Hizbullah leader said.
8 Jan 2009
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Barbar L. Trommer MD Pediatric Neurology . Associate Director, Maimonides Developmental Center . Medical School: Columbia University . Fellowship: Children's Memorial Hospital Northwestern University Medical School Pediatric Neurology
7 Jan 2009
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