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11 Jun 2012
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Classic Game Room presents a CGRundertow review of NHL Hitz 2002 from Black Box Games and Midway Games for the Xbox. The game is also available for the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube. NHL Hitz 2002 is a caricature of hockey, and while often barbaric, it also exaggerates the speed, power and artistry for which the game is also known. NHL Hitz 2002 is a game of three-on-three hockey in which you can shoot, you can pass and you can check. It boils hockey down to those fundamental elements, leaving things like rules and penalties back at the blue line. This video review features video gameplay footage of NHL Hitz 2002 for the Xbox and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
27 Sep 2012
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The LIGHTSEEDING Method, Cellulo-Spiritual Rejuvenation is a non-medical, Spiritually based Philosophy and Practice. At the core of it, is a simple but powerful “Philosophy” in Healing. Tzu Xander is an Author, Artist and founder of two not for profit organizations in the fields of prevention and control of disease while recognizing and working from our innately powerful, divine origins. As the Founder and ministerial overseer of “Path of Divine Restoration”, one of my greatest motivations in making a difference while on the planet, are to continue the development, education and protection of the co-creative art forms of natural health and spiritually based healing. Ancient and more modern contemporary holistic protocols and techniques that are otherwise under threat of being lost, due to corporate, monopolizing thuggery and complete disregard for mankind. In the near future we will look back to see how barbaric the current slash burn and poison treatments for Chronic disease truly are and how deeply we've been manipulated into a collective coma of disempowerment and confusion while A. Shortening the quality of life of ourselves and loved ones and B. Making a group of corrupt, unconscious corporations, wealthy beyond all common sense in the process. To learn more or order the book: *******bookstore.xlibris****/Products/SKU-0502267049/LIGHTSEEDING-Cellulo--Spiritual-Rejuvenation.aspx
23 Jan 2013
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“Les yeux et les oreilles sont de pauvres témoins pour celui dont l’âme est barbare.” Héraclite Une forêt. Deux résistants. Un homme à abattre, accusé à tort de collaboration. Comment faire un choix moral dans des circonstances où la morale n’existe plus ? Durant la Seconde Guerre mondiale, personne n’est innocent.
30 Jan 2013
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Dans Réflexions Stratégiques sur Haïti: Sauvons un Patrimoine Universel en Péril, Luc Rémy offre une remarquable lecture haïtiano-centriste de la Politique Internationale. Il la construit autour de trois points clé : 1. le cadeau de la Révolution haïtienne d’une espèce humaine nouvelle à l’Histoire universelle; 2. l’éternel contentieux occidentalo-haïtien et le péril sur la Nation; 3. la prise en charge indispensable. Le premier point présente le prototype de l’homme nouveau ; il est anti-esclavage, anti-colonie, anti-métropole, anti-impérialiste, antiracisme, antiségrégationniste, etc. Par cette création humaniste suprême, Haïti s’est érigée en Patrimoine universel. Ce beau et sublime péché contre le standard international de l’époque a généré et entretient encore le contentieux : dans la conscience, l’inconscient et l’imaginaire collectifs des pouvoirs d’État de l’Occident, Haïti est un ennemi barbare et inconciliable. Servi par nos alliances internationales patricides, le triomphe du modèle diplomatique jeffersonien et talleyrandien, d’essence raciste et revancharde -aux dépens de l’adamien-, le veut ainsi. Haïti est donc un obstacle permanent à la conscience et buts traditionnels récurrents de l’ordre international hégémonique. Il faut toujours la “tenir en laisse” et la réduire à sa plus simple expression (serait-ce jusqu’à la solution f ?). Embargo, tutelle et occupation continus par des forces étrangères, élimination des Haïtiens, spoliation et sabotage du patrimoine national, tout concourt au retour à la barbarie (l’esclavage) par l’exploitation de notre sol et de nos massives mines … Le péril n’est pas seulement contre Haïti! La construction d’un leadership national capable et humaniste s’impose. *******bookstore.xlibris****/Products/SKU-0123563050/Rflexions-Stratgiques-Sur-Hati.aspx
8 May 2013
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CastleStorm review. *******www.ClassicGameRoom**** Shop CGR shirts & mugs! *******www.CGRstore**** Classic Game Room presents a CGR Undertow review of CastleStorm on the Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360 developed and published by Zen Studios. CastleStorm is a hybrid strategy game, mixing the cerebral approach of tower defense with the hands-on destruction of Angry Birds. Barbaric vikings are threatening the kingdom. Because that's what vikings do. It's up to you to keep them at bay, and you do that by launching spears, throwing bombs, deploying archers and basically being a really sweet war general. CastleStorm has you creating an air attack Angry Birds style, but you also have to deploy your soliders. And if things get really sticky, you can even step onto the battlefield yourself and slice 'em up. CastleStorm is a clever game that manages to suck away your time at a dangerous rate. This video review features video gameplay footage of CastleStorm on the Xbox Live Arcade for the Xbox 360 and audio commentary from Classic Game Room's Derek.
4 Jun 2013
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Women come naturally by their love for beads. They inherit it from their "great-great-twenty- seven-times-great-grandmother" — as the fairy tale says. Close to the first rude implements for household work explorers find bits of shell, turquoise, amber, or lapis lazuli, pierced for stringing; rough and asymmetrical to be sure, but unmistakably beads. Each generation since the time of that very great-grandmother has had the taste for bead work in a greater or lesser degree, and with the different peoples it has shown itself differently. With some it has been gorgeous and barbaric; others have wrought with exquisite fineness. Many have only seen in it a personal ornament; while others, like our North American Indian, have used it to beautify alike their household utensils and articles for ceremonial usage. Studying Indian handicrafts, we cannot but recognize the decorative possibilities of bead work. The present interest in bead work undoubtedly sprang from our enthusiasm for Indian handicrafts. From admiring and wishing to possess baskets wrought with beads, and woven bead belts and chains, it was a natural and easy step to copying them. Whether the special branch of bead work one wishes to do is stringing, weaving, knitting, or sewing, the beads are, of course, the first consideration. Wampum, the genuine Indian bead, is beautiful and costly. The wampum used by eastern tribes is long and cylindrical; in color ivory-white, black, or purple. Western wampum, read on at: ********carmilitashandmadejewelry.wordpress****/2016/10/04/just-where-does-our-love-of-beads-originate/ Purchase Handmade Bead Jewelry at: ********www.etsy****/shop/carmilitaearrings
5 Oct 2016
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