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16 Apr 2012
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16 Apr 2012
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*******ameriplexrealtors****/ Contact: Teresa von Illyes Call Us at 1-888-414-5309 or (817) AMERIPLEX local
6 Jun 2013
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1 Oct 2017
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And so pastor condom couldn't pay for his hair cut bill check out what happened here
24 Apr 2018
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More or less like the hair/head was about to burn in
7 May 2019
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just feeding my fish! my tiger barbs are pretty fast!!!
22 Oct 2007
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Kill barbs in RS
26 Jan 2008
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Watch two of the greediest Tin Foil Barbs fight over food. One is a little tougher than the other and usually wins. These two monsters eat everything they can fit in their mouth.
14 Jul 2008
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Barb Faulk of Freddy Guys Hazelnuts showed us how to make this soup and we can't stop eating it. Go to to get this recipe and many more!
18 Nov 2008
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Brady had another accident with the barbed wire fence... this time is was much worse. :( Distributed by Tubemogul.
2 Dec 2008
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Weight for weight the sebarau (a.k.a. Hampala barb) is hardest hitting sportfish in South East Asia. For more information, visit: www.sebarau****
1 Apr 2009
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We’ve got a three quarter inch barbed elbow screwed into our head and then we just install that into the end of the Funny Pipe, place it in the trench at ground level and then secure it with a little soil. You don’t want to cover up your trenches quite yet at this point, but you do want to secure your head so you can test the system. And you can always cut a little extra of the flex pipe or as we call it, Funny Pipe, off if you need to adjust where the head is exactly. Each one of these has a certain gallon per minute indicator. This one says 2.0 on it. They also have like a 2.0 low which will have 2.0A which means it just shoots lower. We don’t want those. You want to put a 2.0 on this head. On this particular type of rotor you have a tool that you can stick down in the rotor, turn it sideways and it helps you pull the rotor out. And then you put your proper nozzle and get it lined up. This particular screw has a screw in here that tightens it and needs to be loosened up and it will slide down in. Secure it and then put your screw back. You’ll see the screw to hold it in place right there. And then you take your number 2.0 indicator and you just stick it right there. Now you know that this is a 2.0 head. And then you’ll put some of them 3.0, 4.0 depending on the range of openness that you have. One will use 2.0’s for 190 degrees, 3.0’s for three quarters of a circle and 4.0’s for 360 degrees.
18 Jun 2009
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Barb Burgott and Mitchell Wright were married at The Benson in Portland Oregon and Bigler Productions was their videographer. This video is Barb and Mitchell's highlight reel. To find out more please visit: *******www.biglerproductions****
18 Mar 2009
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Unknown to science until 1990, the giant freshwater stingray is an elusive creature that inhabits deep rivers in Southeast Asia, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Northern Australia. stingray giant biggest largest fish megafish barb zeb hogan poison
28 Sep 2009
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WORLDbytes correspondent Onyeka Igwe reports from Cabaret without Borders an event organised by the Manifesto Club, in opposition to the Home Offices new visa controls on visiting artists and academics. These controls have already prevented a plethora of creative visitors coming to the UK leading to concerts, exhibitions and international programmes being cancelled. Under the new rules the Home Office effectively determines international programming, what we can and cannot watch, share and experience and whose work merits a UK visit. Meanwhile numerous institutions are co-opted to police and report on visitors they are granted permission to host. This lively cabaret event sees a wide range of artists express their opposition through artistic interventions and personal testimonies. Among the artists and speakers were author Maureen Duffy, cabaret singer Barb Jungr and Josie Appleton, Convenor of the Manifesto Club.
7 Jul 2009
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