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Basic Bytes is a group of Microsoft Certified Trainers and Microsoft Certified Solution Experts among a lot of other certifications - we do software development and consulting.
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part two of Just Basic Video lessons. using goto and if...then how to use if: if blank
31 Dec 2007
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In this CNC Basics Video we go over CAD. CAD Stands for Computer Aided Design. During the CAD step we take our initial design and translate it into the computer. We do this CNC Step so we can change the design, resize it, save it, transfer it to someone else, etc. Recording our CNC Design into CAD gives us flexibility. During CAD we learn we first design parts, then assemblies, then groups, then machines. We also learn there are different types of CAD Software. 2D, 2.5D and 3D. These types also come in different software packages from inexpensive to expensive. You can spend up to the sky if you want. The trick is to match the CAD Software Capabilites with your CNC Needs. You don't need high power 3D Modeling CAD if you make simple parts day in and day out. Tomorrow's lesson is CAM. Computer Aided Manufacturing.
5 Apr 2009
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Day 5 is all about CNC Control. CNC Control is made up of three parts. The CNC Control Computer, CNC Control Software and the actually CNC Controller. The CNC Control Computer can be basic and inexpensive. The computer will live in a harsh environment that includes dust and dirt. The CNC Control Software is what processes the G-Code program we made in the last step. You load it in and when you are ready, start the program. The actual CNC Controller has drivers in it and translates the signals from the control program into motion. It sends the signals on to stepper or servo motors that move the various axis All together these pieces can cost a lot or a little. You can also cut down the cost if you build the cnc controller yourself. Tomorrow we machine. This is where the chips fly.
27 Jun 2008
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basic magic
6 Jan 2008
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This is the 7th and final day of the Learn CNC Basics E-Course. Today is a fun day where we look at a few different CNC projects and what we can do with CNC Technology. There are CNC Parts we look at and CNC Art pieces we look at. There are CNC Plasma, CNC Router, CNC Mill and CNC Lathe projects that are discussed. Next, we talk about CNC Information. CNC Information is a community site that connects people who have a passion for CNC. There are CNC Blogs, CNC Profiles, CNC Articles and CNC Forums. You can join up for free and also get a Free G-Code Quick Guide if you do. Come on over and join up today!
18 Oct 2008
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This is the sign up overview video for the Learn CNC Basics E-Course. Check it over. It gives an overview of what the 7 Day CNC Course is about.
25 Feb 2008
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More basic moves and a small form. Please rate this if you like it :)
25 Jan 2008
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Download the clips to this video editing project, Video Basics, at www.TheVideoQueen****
28 Jan 2008
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Basic Thumb Fan ... *******
31 Jan 2008
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Watch now and learn how to play basic badminton in minutes. Feel free to comment.
17 May 2008
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Basic boxing stance, How to not lose your balnce, How to stand to deliver a punch.
20 Feb 2010
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Basic boxing stance how to hold your hands in a basic fight stance
14 Feb 2008
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