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Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’ - anonymous #Designhill presents the series ‘Founder X’ in which we are sharing the success stories of founders, their life, and business struggles. In this video, we have shared the inspirational journey of a founder from Kansas- Janeen Olmos. Apart from being an entrepreneur, #JaneenOlmos is a certified resilience coach and licensed mental health & addiction therapist. Watch her #inspirationalstory and share your experience with us. Timestamps: 01:41 Tell us about your entrepreneurial journey (What inspired you to become an entrepreneur)? And where are you presently? 03:00 What is your #business all about? & what problems does it solve? 04:01 What challenges did you face when starting your #entrepreneurial journey? And how did you overcome them? 04:44 What does being an #entrepreneur mean to you? How is it different from any previous role? 05:34 What bothers you as an entrepreneur, difficulties you face & your worst fears? 06:25 Name one business #hack or trick that really helped you in your business and you would like to share with other fellow entrepreneurs? 07:13 Any mistakes that you made during your entrepreneurial journey and you want other aspiring entrepreneurs to avoid making? 07:54 What would you like to tell people who have great ideas and want to start a business but are reluctant to bring their ideas into reality? 08:37 How important do you think is branding and professional design for a business? About Designhill Designhill is World’s # 1 creative marketplace that caters to the creative needs of businesses and individuals alike who can source high-quality designs from professional designers and buy unique products created by independent artists. Our community of over 150,000 designers and artists from more than 180 countries bring the world’s best creative talent to your fingertips. From helping business owners crowdsource multiple design contests, to hiring the best designers,
15 Oct 2020
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In this video i motivate all youth
24 Feb 2021
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************/us/album/be-yourself-benefit-album/id569664477 Barack Obama Wins Re-Election for 2012 Presidency! New Music Video "Where's The Change" was created as a tribute and a challenge to our Commander and Chief NOT a dis. Some seem to feel "Our President Is Black" and beyond criticism but I do not agree with such foolishness. It ain't a Black / White thing, it's about Doing The Right Thing! GOD BLESS America, the good people that voted for positive changes that will uplift all of us and our great leader that will deliver... PRESIDENT OBAMA!
9 Nov 2012
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*******www.beyourbetterself****/ Are you depressed for not maintaining proper level of confidence in the field of work?don't worry. the experts are with you to build your confidence level to the core. they will analyze your psychology properly and teach you how to be yourself. Yes, now you will be taught quickly to fight against the odds of life.
9 Jan 2013
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*******www.cindyashton**** Many struggle with their body image, whether they are a size 1 or 42. Cindy Ashton embraces her body by actually showing you her 2 inches fat, knowing she is imperfectly perfect. Play big no matter what anyone else thinks.
9 Oct 2009
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*******www.CreateWithEric**** People are chasing the things they want int life around. If they would just be themselves, they would attract the things that they want... because at that moment your in alignment with what you want.
14 Jan 2010
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24 Jul 2011
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Beauty-Steals****** is dedicated to bringing you beautiful skincare and cosmetic products at a steal of the high street price. Run by women in the know we ensure all our products are of the highest quality, do their job and make you feel wonderful.
14 Nov 2012
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*******instantpaydaynetwork****/dchristopherg I wanted to tell you guys a little about me today and where I am at in my life right now. Check it out. I also have a business where I make a monthly residual income. If that sounds more interesting go to my youtube channel and click the empower network tab on the right side of the page. Peace! *******instantpaydaynetwork****/dchristopherg
15 Nov 2012
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This episode introduced some top tips for dating in China.
7 Jun 2017
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This episode reviewed the last four expisodes on dating in China.
7 Jun 2017
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Learn How to Reprogram Your Mind by Dr. Joe Dispenza | Financial literacy Learn How to Reprogram Your Mind by Dr. Joe Dispenza | Financial literacy
17 Jan 2020
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