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Rally with a quadricycle at Dunnas of lencois maranhenses... Really, Really Amazing... Amazing trip with the most beautiful place in Brazil
16 Jan 2007
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A complete online India travel super shoppe wish that any world traveler can enjoy the incomparable natural beauty of the paradise on earth KASHMIR in the near future. Long time denial of access to the worlds most beautiful place in India is a cruelty for the travelers and the common community living in Kashmir. Tourism will change tremendously the living standards of the common man in Kashmir.Let the concerned think and act quickly.Yes return Kashmir to the peace loving traveler of the world. The background song symbolise the wish of a comman man.Courtesy to the film song producer. We look forward the peace loving world to react. Read more about India in worlds 9 languages from www***
30 Jan 2007
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its very very beautiful place
19 Jan 2007
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Guilin, which China traditionally considers the most beautiful place on earth. Cruise down the Li River to admire the limestone peaks. This is a segment from "The Last Emperor's Home Video, an Intrepid Berkeley Explorer free, on-line film offering visits to China's best known places, including the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, Beijing's Summer Palace, the Grand Canal, Xian, beautiful Guilin, Shanghai, Suzhou, Hangzhou, plus Hong Kong. To enjoy all of this film, plus over 30 more free, non-commercial, streaming travel videos from every continent, plus still pictures, please click on the IntrepBerkExplorer link below, and then on the direct link to my geocities Video Page that follows; or ask a search engine for: Intrepid Berkeley Explorer
1 Feb 2007
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Quebec City is very French. The entire province of Quebec in Canada, is North Americas most French place to live. Quebec City in Quebec, Canada has many attractions including the grand hotel, the elegant Hotel Frontenac. But Quebec has another attraction: the Ice Hotel. The Ice Hotel in Quebec, Canada, is also called Hotel de Glace. The Ice Hotel is an ice palace made of thousands of tons of snow and ice making the Ice Hotel one of Canadas most unique attractions and making the Ice Hotel in Quebec one of travels most incredible destinations. The Ice Hotel in Quebec is a world-wide wonder. The Ice Hotel has an Absolut Vodka bar with glasses and bar made of ice for the Absolut Vodka. The Ice Hotel near Quebec City is a beautiful place to get married. It is Honeymoon Travel, Romantic Travel and Family Travel. You can dog sled, ice fish, ice skate and take a sauna under the stars. Lovers love the Ice Hotel. The Ice Hotel will have your kids in wonders, a perfect Family Travel destination in Canada. This Travel Video PostCard brings you the Ice Hotel, an Adventure Travel experience. See Quebec City, a Cultural Travel destination. See the ice Hotel. Enjoy this Travel Video PostCard, then have an Adventure Travel or Romantic Travel experience in Canada, in Quebecs Ice Hotel.
7 Feb 2007
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Beautiful place
11 Feb 2007
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Beautiful places.
19 Feb 2007
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Once upon a time, when Earth was still a beautiful place, an evil force came to turn all living things into Vegetarians. Three students from suburban Massachusetts would step up against this catastrophe... to end Vegetarian Supremacy. Mark, Jesus, Maria and their foes would make amazing personal discoveries as the two forces clash. And so began the ultimate saga about friendship, heritage, sex and explosions.
1 Mar 2007
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I wanted you to remember a bit on YOUR first kiss. Wasnt it wonderful??? And... it is amazing, that a heartless computer helps me to remind you on this unforgettable event. (By the way, I'm Hungaryan, and to be honest I kissed my first girlfriend in a block of flats, in Kobanya (not the most beautiful place of Budapest), so the beach and the cozily bench are... Ah... This is, what we call: art. Well, I hope u understand me.)
28 Feb 2007
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This is a slideshow of the summer of 2006 with the IAESTE organization, you can see the most beautiful places in Skopje, Ohrid, an Macedonia generally. And also how IAESTE trainees have really good fun when they come to this summer trips.
13 Mar 2007
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Beautiful places.
11 Apr 2007
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A beautiful place in Romania!Hope you'l enjoy it...and waiting your comments!
24 Mar 2007
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