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This dog is definitely smarter than people would care to think! That was smooth!
23 Jun 2019
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Do you want to become smarter?Watch this video and download this special MUSIC FOR BRAIN. For more information about this music go to *******www.getimusic****/
2 Feb 2008
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Are doggos slowly evolving to become more like humans? Are they becoming smarter? Certainly does look like that!
16 Apr 2021
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Click here for more --> *******livebetterlife****/boostbrainpower/ How To Effectively Boost Your Brain Power, Increase Your IQ and Boost Intelligence.
2 May 2010
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*******mindpersuasion**** Easily increase intelligence with this proven method. In only five minutes per day, you can easily and permanently increase your IQ by 2 points a month, every month. Keep it up and you'll quickly be in the top 1 percent of everybody in the world.
14 Mar 2013
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Do you want to be smarter? Ever wondered if you could increase your intelligence? Then you need to learn how to be an intellectual. Everybody is capable of being their own genius, and being an intellectual isn't all about how intelligent you are but is also a matter of your environment and lifestyle. Discover ways to boost your brain power and intellectual ability. - Please go ahead and "Like" this video, and feel free to share it! - Don't forget to follow the "Instafo" video channel to stay up-to-date for all the latest. - Do you have any comment? Share your thoughts. We love to hear from you! Instafo is all about one thing - publishing useful information that matters to educate, enrich, and empower others living in a fast-paced world to reinvent their very own existence on all possibilities without limitation.
31 Jul 2017
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Get connected. Become smarter than your peers. Then land the job of your dreams. Sign up at www.joinTAGnow****.
27 Feb 2010
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********event.on24****/eventRegistration/EventLobbyServlet?target=registration.jsp&eventid=191505&sessionid=1&key=A66805AAC56265152977D6E5357BD489&sourcepage=register&cmp=itmbipcty-20090810&cm=v&csr=gr5&cr=m&ct=usitp200&cm_mmc=itmbipcty-20090810-usitp200-_-v-_-gr5-_-m Pulse may be over but Integrated Service Management Lives On! In this video you will find information about the Pulse Virtual Conference. The virtual conference will deliver many of the same sessions as the live event. You'll be able to revisit the general sessions or listen to break outs you might have missed in Las Vegas. You can even download the presentation PDF to follow along and share with customers. You'll also be able to access many of the Pulse 2010 demos! Attendance is complimentary. Speaker Al Zollar, General Manager Tivioli Software: Over half the population is living in cities, we are adding the equivalent of 7 New York Cites every year. Our cities hold incredible promise because they hold the key to the way our world works. We have the ability to inject new intelligence into the systems that run our cities such as the education, healthcare, water, energy and communications systems. Digital devices with enormous computing power are not only running appliances but also help to capture data from our rivers, bridges and power girds. We now have the processing power in our advanced analytics tools to turn this data into usable information. Around the world transportation systems are becoming smarter and energy management is becoming smarter by breaking down silos to make more informed decisions. Buildings are becoming smarter by reallocating labor resources to work more efficiently. Enterprises, cites and infrastructure are all becoming smarter. By building a smarter planet with interconnected devices comes complexities and brings more risk. That is why integrated service management is so important. Transforming data centers through integrated systems, service and energy management. Achieving continuous service improvement through every stage of the service life cycle. Signs of a smarter Planet are all around us and it comes with the opportunity to fundamentally change the way People, processes and business operate. The decade of smart has begun, that's why at IBM we are optimizing the worlds infrastructure so we can all work and live smarter.
19 Mar 2010
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***********/smarterplanet/us/en/smart_grid/nextsteps/index.html?cmp=agus_cxosp2gridsol-20100426&cm=v&csr=ideassmgrid&cr=metacafe&ct=usbrb401&cm_mmc=agus_cxosp2gridsol-20100426-usbrb401-_-v-_-ideassmgrid-_-metacafe IBM is helping utilities become smarter with digital intelligence; a stronger IT infrastructure with security, analytics and automation to help reduce carbon emissions and move to renewable energy.
18 May 2010
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***********/software/tivoli/pulse?cmp=usitp&cm=v&csr=svcmgmtsp&cr=m&ct=usitp200&cn=agus_itspsmism-20100721 "IBM software experts speak about how the planet is becoming smarter, more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. There is an unparallel need for smart technology that will help existing technology stay connected. Smart products and services integrated into a Smarter Planet is only the launching point for integrated service management to change business and drive business outcomes. To learn more about how integrated service management can build a smarter planet. Visit****/pulse2010 to watch video of conference keynote presentations. "
5 Aug 2010
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***********/smarterplanet/us/en/smart_grid/nextsteps/index.html?cmp=agus_cxosp2gridsol-20101022&cm=v&csr=effenergy&cr=metacafe&ct=usbrb301 This film addresses why cities must implement a smarter energy system on their journey to become smarter cities.
27 Oct 2010
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What happens when the animals that have always been faster and stronger than us, all of a sudden become smarter? Thanks to James Franco, we're all about to find out.
16 Apr 2011
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