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It’s officially tailgating season and whether you’re in a parking lot or at home, here are some delicious recipes and helpful tips to get the game going. We teamed up with chef George Duran for the scoop.
19 Sep 2019
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*******www.getsaleswithjoe****/cooking%20with%20joe.html, Joe loves to cook. Witness authentic Mexican recipes in the making. Experience his passion for the fine Mexican recipes handed down through the generations. Distributed by Tubemogul.
14 Apr 2009
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www.kahunasfoodandwine**** Twitter kahuna75 - In this episode I take some left over Prime Sirloin and make a hoisin spiced Asian inspired Tacos Distributed by Tubemogul.
6 Aug 2009
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Tracy Guarino and Chris Lacascia cook up some delicious healthy Beef Tacos. To watch this episode in its entirety, and many other, for free visit Check it out today!
21 Nov 2007
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Transcript by Newsy**** BY CHANCE SEALES You're watching multisource business news analysis from Newsy Beef -- it’s what for dinner. Except at Taco Bell. The fast food giant is now in need of a lawyer -- cause it just isn’t up to some customers’ standards. Slate TV explains. “The suit claims meat used in a typical Taco Bell taco uses less than 35% beef—well below the USDA standard for taco filling, which requires 40% of the filling to be fresh or frozen beef. (Taco Bell sound) That means fillers, binders and additives make up the remaining 65% of the Taco Bell beef.” So how does the Bell get to that gourmet 35% beef blend? CNN has the mouthwatering recipe. “They say they start with 100% beef and then they simmer that beef in a variety of spices. (So it’s beef? It’s beef.) They say they start with 100% beef. (Where does it end?) It ends in your beef meximelt.” Taco Bell’s reaction to the suit was more fire – than mild. HLN’s Robin Meade has the official word from Bell brass. “We are proud of the quality of our beef and identify all the seasoning and spice ingredients on our website. Unfortunately, the lawyers in this case elected to sue first and ask questions later – and got their ‘facts’ absolutely wrong. We plan to take legal action for the statements being made about our food.” A countersuit? Not likely. A Fox legal expert says – Taco Bell’s trying to control the story—and buy time. “This story will likely die down and I think that, look, if all they’re suing [for] is to change or tweak what it is that Taco Bell is saying about the product, I will guarantee you that they will sit down and make some adjustments in that regard just to get rid of the story.” Imagine the outrage when NBC hit the streets to get diners’ disgusted reactions. Uh… you might be disappointed. REPORTER: “We actually found very few people who had a beef with Taco Bell’s beef.” MOS 1: “It’s Taco Bell, you know? You’re paying $.99 for their beef tacos. I don’t really expect it to be premium ground sirloin.” MOS 2: “It’s good enough. It’s tasty…with their hot sauce and stuff.” Finally, the San Francisco Chronicle points out – some of the additives like oats and fiber aren’t so bad. “So while Taco Bell may be fudging on their ‘ground beef’ with cheap filler, that filler could actually be healthier to eat. Taco Bell could doing its customers a favor by deceiving them.” So…bring on the 35% beef…or is it bean burritos next time? By the way, add sour cream…it’s way better. Get more multisource video news analysis from Newsy
28 Jan 2011
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14 May 2012
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