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Pete Cohen's field of expertise is human behaviour and performance. In 2003, he designed the happiness formula for a large global blue chip company. He has been dedicated to supporting organisations and the people within them to flourish for over 25 years. As a professional keynote speaker and coach, he knows exactly what holds people back.
17 Jul 2018
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these is in trend this days for their weired behaviour
30 Jul 2018
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Fed up with Rebel behaviour of your Teenager Kid?
10 Aug 2018
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Vincent James Giovinazzo || James Giovinazzo. As a sales professional of many years in fashion retail and other industries I've heard all the sales techniques and winning scripts. I've processed and analysed all of the information handed down and discarded 99% of it. All too often customers are referred to as hanging fruit, conversion rate, foot traffic and closing a sale and so on. If you think of customers as foot traffic, conversion rate, low hanging fruit, statistics and gauge their behaviour in numbers, then you are most likely an accountant or manager and chances are you operate in isolation of the coal face.
21 Aug 2018
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ThinkRace Technology brings you a 4G OBD tracking device VT480. VT480 is an OBD II GPS tracker integrated with 4G network and WIFI functions. It is equipped with 3D acceleration for real-time tracking and monitors driving behaviour, Fleet Management, Insurance & rental, Roadside Assistance etc. Some of the prominent features are: Easy to Install Geo-Fence Vehicle Health Monitoring
4 Oct 2018
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After returning to uni, my mum noticed strange behaviour with my hamster...
21 Oct 2018
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Published on Jun 20, 2015 BB's teacher is very angry ! He calls up an urgent "Parent-Teacher meeting" regarding his behaviour in school.. This is an all original work by BB Ki Vines.
26 Oct 2018
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A Solo Lion Films Sister Concern #NoFilterDigital - DIGITAL, we mean every bit, social media to search engines, data analytics to behavioural sciences!! We cover all of it!! Contact Us: 9910833138 . . . . . #moneymaker #startup #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurs #entrepreneurlifestyle #entrepreneurship #onlinemarketing #motivational #millionairemindset #successful #millionairelifestyle #businesswoman #inspiredaily #businessman #founder #businessowner #youngentrepreneur #startuplife #incredibleindia #photographers_of_india #indiagram #storiesofindia #indiaclicks #sonyimages #sonyalpha #sonyalphasclub #sonyphotogallery #focalmarked #NoFilter #JustFacebookExclusive #BuildingBrands #ExpandYourBusiness #MastersOfAdvertising #CuttingTheNonSense #KeepingItSimple #HowWeWork #WorkWithNoFilters #WeCreateBrands
1 Nov 2018
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Data Sleek provides Customer Journey Analytics and Tracking Tools, we use data about customers behaviour to understand intent and predict future action. Our Goal is to provide the complete customer context at the time agent takes a call or receives a chat. Our Customer Tracking tools integrate with Cisco Finesse and Avaya Breeze platform to provide a Completer Customer Journey to Agents at the time they take the call or attend a chat. Our Customers include Travel Companies , ecommerce companies , banks where the agents use this to improve customer experience.
7 Nov 2018
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Improved rain drops behaviour on the glass.
10 Nov 2018
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Funny dogs behaviour ! Video compilation Pls like and subscribe for more
20 Nov 2018
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#NoFilterDigital - DIGITAL, we mean every bit, social media to search engines, data analytics to behavioural sciences!! We cover all of it!! Contact Us: 9910833138 #moneymaker #startup #entrepreneurlife #entrepreneurs #entrepreneurlifestyle #entrepreneurship #onlinemarketing #motivational #millionairemindset #successful #millionairelifestyle #businesswoman #inspiredaily #businessman #founder #businessowner #youngentrepreneur #startuplife #incredibleindia #photographers_of_india #indiagram #storiesofindia #indiaclicks #sonyimages #sonyalpha #sonyalphasclub #sonyphotogallery #focalmarked #NoFilter #JustFacebookExclusive #BuildingBrands #ExpandYourBusiness #MastersOfAdvertising #CuttingTheNonSense #KeepingItSimple #HowWeWork #WorkWithNoFilters #WeCreateBrands
21 Nov 2018
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KLM Airlines being one of the best airlines offers customer friendly behaviour for their welfare. If at any time, any flight passenger wants to get a change in travel time, travel date, travel class or inclusion of some special features, he can ask the travel buddy at 1-877-287-1365 about how much does KLM charge to change flight.
30 Nov 2018
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"Selenium comprises of several software tools for supporting automation tests, whereas each have their own approach. It is necessary to have the knowledge of all the Selenium tools but the software engineers generally prefer to focus on one or two tools to automate or test the process. The entire collection or suite of tools in Selenium gives way to a power packed and rich testing functions which can be implemented to test a wide range of web application browsers. The method of operating is quite flexible and it enables the options to locate UI elements and hence compare the expected test outcomes in accordance with the actual application behaviour. View all about Selenium testing tools, with its advantages, features, limitations, challenges, and future updates."
13 Dec 2018
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"Relationship has become one of the major challenges for youth - they get depressed on not having girlfriend or boyfriend. On the other hand, if parents get to know about their children's relationship, they feel offended. In such scenario, youth wants freedom for their behaviour and activity. How to deal with it? - Dr. Sapna Sharma explains in one of her live videos.
27 Dec 2018
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a low profile cheap behaviour
31 Dec 2018
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