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There are a lot of different ways to make money in this world. Not everything is sitting in an office for 8 hours straight. For instance, have you ever heard of investment funds? Well, lucky for you, I'll dedicate myself to this channel so it can feature different videos regarding important investing topics.
Benefits of a mutual fund: Managing investments can be a challenge if you do not have the right expertise and awareness. When it comes to money, it’s always better to trust someone who is experienced to manage it for you. There are also a host of other benefits to this. Here are the benefits of mutual funds: You can hire someone to do a job that would otherwise require you to devote time on a daily basis. You can concentrate on more important activities while someone ensures your money is growing. You could spend more time looking for other activities that you like and concentrating on your interests. The benefits of investing in mutual funds also mean that one doesn’t necessarily have to manage it on their own. Others can do it for you, and do a better job.
10 Jan 2019
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Professional fund management is one of the best benefits of Mutual Funds. You can either manage your finances yourself, or hire a professional firm. To know other various benefits of mutual funds, visit us Mutual Funds Sahi Hai
30 May 2018
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*******www.MarketWrapwithMoe**** Moe Ansari talks to John Bogle, Founder of the Vanguard Group and Author “Common Sense on Mutual Funds." -Will ETF's change the landscape of investing? -Should mutual funds be regulated?
3 Mar 2010
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Types of Mutual Funds There are various types of mutual funds that exist, catering to different people based on their needs. They can be categorized into: 1. Growth or Equity Funds: They invest mainly in equities and have a primary objective of wealth creation or capital appreciation. They also have an added potential of generating higher returns over long-term investment. 2. Income Funds: These are funds which invest in fixed income securities such as bonds or government securities, commercial papers and debentures, bank certificates of deposits, as well as money market instruments like commercial paper and treasury bills. 3. Hybrid Funds: They invest in fixed income and equities, offering the best of both worlds. They also have the benefits of growth potential and income generation. The benefits of investing in mutual funds include the wide range of types you can choose from.
22 Feb 2019
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