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*******criminallawyerinnj**** DUI FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions About DUI NJ DUI lawyer Travis Tormey talks about some of the most frequently asked questions after people are arrested for DUI charges.
15 Feb 2013
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*******criminallawyerinnj**** What is driving under the influence or DUI? NJ DUI lawyer Travis Tormey talks about DUI and what it means to be driving under the influence in NJ. How to fight DUI charges.
17 Feb 2013
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*******criminallawyerinnj**** DUI Insurance Rates and DUI insurance premiums - NJ DUI lawyer Travis Tormey talks DUI insurance spikes and other costs associated with DUI charges. For more information, please visit our website.
18 Feb 2013
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*******criminallawyerinnj**** Fight Underage DUI in NJ - NJ DWI Lawyer Travis Tormey talks about underage DWI in NJ and can also tell you how to beat these charges. Click here to fight your underage DUI case in New Jersey.
19 Feb 2013
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Attorney Dale A. Hayes Jr. has the knowledge, determination and experience to fight for you. DUI is a serious criminal charge and you need someone who is ready to roll up their sleeves and fight.