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Six-year-old Gracie, a golden retriever, is seen jumping into the lap of her beloved master Lieutenant Andrew Schmidt, rolling over and wriggling in joy after he returned safely to his home .. Read The Full Story on link .. *******www.lite-news****/excited-pet-dog-greets-soldier-back-from-afghanistan/
17 Nov 2009
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17 Jan 2012
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14 Mar 2019
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Stop Motion at its best! Welcome aboard... Feel like home at 10,000 meters... Thanks to Jelle van Dun for producing this video. More of his outstanding work can be viewed at www.jellevandun**** or here at youtube****/JelleVanDun
7 Sep 2007
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West Coast Swing at it's best!! Welcoming a beautiful and talented dancer from Minsk, Belarus. Maria Bileychik Happy Dancing!!
1 Sep 2016
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Myself Vijay Patil Post graduate in mathematics A professional teacher Lives at Burhanpur Madhya Pradesh India Currently working at macrovision Academy Burhanpur as a professional mathematics teacher My hobbies are reading and writing articles, playing and watching cricket, badminton, chess, reading newspapers, magazines, books You will feel very happy by reading my articles thank you very much
How to make steel balls on ZQ series skew rolling mill automatic production line? The video shows the working performance of Anyang skew rolling mill automatic production line in our customer's workshop. The whole production line makes up by the automatic feeder, furnace, skew rolling mill, pre-cooling device, conveyor system, quenching machine and cooling tower. Anyang Forging Press Company experience in providing high-efficiency skew rolling mill for our customers. The ZQ-40 skew rolling mill steel ball production rate is 90 pcs/min, the steel ball rolling process as follow: heating--rolling--heat treatment. Comparing with other steel ball production line, the ZQ series steel ball skew rolling mill automatic production line only using electric power and reusable water, and the production rate is the best. Welcome to Team Anyang Forging Press
8 Jul 2018
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