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9 Mar 2007
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Michelin Man Flexes His Muscles in New Ad; Communicates Commitment and Vision to Improving Mobility for All Michelin, the premier tire manufacturer in the world, has created a new North American marketing campaign that demonstrates the company's evolution as a tire manufacturer as well as its commitment to society, the environment and protecting people on the road. Michelins A Better Way Forward slogan will come to life in this multi tier media campaign across television, radio, print and online media that communicates across several platforms, including: Interactive Web site www.michelinman****/forward: A new Web property that provides a glimpse inside Michelin, showcasing the companys activities to create a greener world, maintain its dedication to safety and continue its high standards of performance and engineering. Television commercial: A 30 second spot called Workshop that describes how Michelin implements its commitment to safety and the environment. This spot debuted surrounding the Super Bowl with a spot in Pre-Game and Post Game activity. Print advertisements: A series of new print and online advertisements that feature the innovative presentations of the Michelin Man, including Flex, a new ad which emphasizes the strength and endurance of Michelin tires. The 108 year old Michelin Man is front and center in the new campaign; but he has evolved, becoming a modern, socially responsible icon similar to the way Michelin, as a company, has evolved to outfit vehicles and meet the changing needs of consumers while maintaining its position as the leader in tire innovation and technology for over a century. For example, a 1905 advertisement depicts the Michelin Man with cigar to lips in a French wrestling-style leopard loincloth, air-kicking his way through town. Now, a smoke-free, slimmed down Michelin Man enhances roads and parks as alternatives to sending end of life tires to landfills. He is shown in the new TV commercial installing recycled rubber material in a childrens playground to communicate the companys commitment to finding alternative uses for end of life tires. As one of the top five most reputable companies in the world, Michelin embraces its role and influence in laying a strong foundation to finding a better way forward for all, said Parmeet Grover, brand director for Michelin. The Better Way Forward campaign aims to articulate our focus and dedication to the environment, building on our heritage of safety and ensuring our products lead in quality and performance. A key focus of this new campaign will encourage consumers to explore the Michelin world through the new Web site, offering a variety of experiences such as discovering Michelins dedication to key social issues as well as fun downloadable images and vintage commercial advertisements of the Michelin Man. Using state of the art Flash technology, the Web site features detailed images and videos to guide visitors through important information including driving safety tips and new tire innovations. www.michelinman****/forward. One of the first print advertisements of the campaign features the Michelin Man flexing his muscles, a symbol of Michelin tires endurance and longevity on the road, which not only lowers the cost of ownership, but also ensures that performance is maintained longer for enhanced safety. The essence of A Better Way Forward is also captured in the new television commercial that depicts the inner workings of Michelin through an animated workshop featuring the setting of the iconic Michelin Man, who is hard at work pursuing the company's ongoing quest for better mobility solutions. The commercial features the same computer generated animation techniques used for feature films to take the viewer through the Michelin Man workshop to see how Michelin is striving to provide drivers with tires that are safer and more fuel efficient than ever before, while also respecting the environment. The television commercial, and a short video on how it was made, can be viewed in the lounge area at www.michelinman****/forward. Michelins primary goal for the campaign is to convey the freedom of mobility and the confidence and security that come from the uncompromising performance of Michelin tires. This campaign articulates Michelin's commitment to better mobility for individuals and society at large. Developed by Detroit-based Campbell Ewald, the campaign began in February and runs throughout 2007 across television, radio, print and online.
26 Mar 2007
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This video was set to "Better Than Me" by Hinder. It contains Smallville clips from all of the latest episodes and focuses on Clark and Lois. All copyright goes to DC Comics and the CW, as well as erica-durance**** and redcapemusic****. No copyright infringement intended!
12 Apr 2007
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I made this better version of me owning
14 Apr 2007
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Demonstrates the usefulness of four amazing free sites that can help find you a better job, save you money on rent, and give you detailed information about almost any house based on it's street address.
30 Apr 2007
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I need too live a better life so I want her too help me
6 May 2007
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15 May 2007
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Same song done better
22 May 2007
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This one should have been converted to better quality.
21 May 2007
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heres a better video of my I hope you guys enjoy....
24 May 2007
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this is me..tryin to talk..and i look stupid..but its better then nothing
25 May 2007
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Neuro-linguistic programming (#2) *******monismo-contemporaneo.blogspot****/ ***********/photos/monismo-contemporaneo/ *******en.wikipedia****/wiki/Neuro-linguistic_programming NLP's core idea is that an individual's thoughts, gestures and words interact to create one's perception of the world. By changing one's outlook, a person can improve his attitudes and actions. These observations can be changed by applying a variety of techniques. Work it; make it; do it; makes us. Harder, better, faster, stronger. More than, hour, our, never. Ever, after, work is, over. Work it, make it, do it, makes us. Harder, better, faster, stronger. Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes usstronger; more than ever hour after our work is never over. Work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes usstronger, more than ever hour after our work is never over. (Not part of lyrics - The following 6 lines are sung in variouspitches and speeds) Work it harder make it better do it faster makes u
26 May 2007
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WAR! Which consol is better ? Which is to bust buy ? Xbox 360 , PS 3 , Wii boobs!!!!
30 May 2007
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as you can see... i'm getting a little better at this special effect business now.... thanx for your comments on my last vid.... soon i'll be putting the skills into a decent film. (I use Adobe After effects) the explosions are from www.detonationfilms**** THANKYOU!! you made my dreams come true..... i just need a script now. PS I'd be happy to do effects for anyone making a film.... i'm up for a not that i'm good enough yet.
1 Jun 2007
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Something to chew on...better video's in the making. Check back in a few days...and keep the votes coming! Thanks!
3 Jun 2007
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My friends and I get together for a contest of soul, might, strength. Movie has hott women, lots of drinking, crazy antics, and is totally better than the actual Real World as well as the OC. The race is on, which team will finish their case first? Gotta watch to find out!!!
21 Jun 2007
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