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There is a new trend going on, between the games if you and the person next to you come on the big screen, you kiss each other.
27 Oct 2017
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GOLD: Prologue "dark clouds gather" Two years prior to the rest of the series, the Silver-medal winning American Goblins & Gold team (and friends) gather for an all-night gaming session in celebration of team captain Jonathan's upcoming wedding. When star player Richard senses that Jon's loyalties are divided between the Game and his soon-to-be bride, he forces a confrontation. GOLD: the Series Can you take the hits? visit goldtheseries**** written by Andrew R. Deutsch and David Nett directed by Andrew R. Deutsch produced by David Nett executive producer: David Nett co-executive producer: Andrew R. Deutsch producer: Shannon Nelson cinematographer: Nolan Wang editor: Alex Lamb cast: Dave Jackson: Robert John Brewer Sam Rodriguez: James Paul Xavier Tim Calloway: Nathan Mobley Richard Wright: Rick Robinson Jonathan Drake: David Nett Charles Subar: Gary Karp first assistant director: Sasha Harris, Kyle Dickinson second assistant director: Patty Ramsey script supervisor: Sasha Harris, Chad Schnaible gaffer: Max Well first assistant camera: Chad Schnaible, Max Well sound: Marla Hudnall, Chad Schnaible boom operator: Chad Schnaible, Marla Hudnall electric: Max Well, Chad Schnaible, Nolan Wang costumes: David Nett, Shannon Nelson handmade armor: Travis Andersen make up: Shannon Nelson art direction: David Nett set decoration: David Nett, James Xavier color: Nolan Wang, David Nett post sound: David Nett, Alex Lamb titles: Andrew R. Deutsch and David Nett original music: Jacob Carver consulting producers: Kyle Dickinson, Rich Grossman, Stephen Ivey, Niall Lynch, Frederick Snyder, John Weller Distributed by Tubemogul.
4 Jan 2009
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Puedes ver la diferencia entre el juego y una carrera real......Can you spot the difference between the game and the racing reality?
27 Nov 2009
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Left 4 Dead 2 is a co-op, first person shooter game, and sequel to the game Left 4 Dead. The game was produced by Valve, makers of other such games as Half-Life and Counter-Strike. The game is available on Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox 360 platforms. The game is set in the midst of a post-apocalyptic zombie pandemic. In order to stay alive, survivors are forced to fight their way through groups of zombies in an attempt to reach safety. the player's experience is controlled by an artificial intelligence engine called the "Director" that monitors gameplay and adjusts scenes accordingly, so that gameplay remains challenging. Four new survivors were introduced, with their backstory provided in a similar way to the original through dialogue in the game. The survivors include: Coach, a high-school football coach; Rochelle, a reporter for a local cable company; Ellis, a boy mechanic; and Nick, a gambler and conman. In addition to new characters, several features were also added to the game, these include a story arc that creates continuity between the game's five campaigns, melee weapons, and new infections. Download all cheats for Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 here *******tinyurl****/34sdbld
4 Jun 2012
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