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Don't forget the 2nd part : video shows some plane which were flying at the Bex Air 06. It was a great meeting of modelism. Bex Switzerland 3 september 06
6 Oct 2009
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The official music video for "Gutterpunk" by Noisia featuring Bex Riley
17 Aug 2008
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*******www.mrpaparazzi**** We got the public to send questions for Luke Marsden and Rebecca Shiner from Big Brother to the Mr Paparazzi website. Here they are answering more of your questions! Was it all a conspiracy? What was the best thing about meeting each other? Does Luke prefer Murder She Wrote or Bex? Is Bex still as loud as ever? Was Bex trying to make Luke jealous by kissing Mo? Do they enjoy youtube tribute videos? Have they really done it? Does Bex have any annoying habits and more!
14 Oct 2008
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Talking Bollocks in Currys With Some Old Codger
30 May 2008
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*******www.mrpaparazzi**** Fans of the Mr Paparazzi website sent in questions for us to put to Rebecca Shiner and Luke Marsden from Big Brother UK. They answered them at Mr Paparazzi HQ. They discuss back, sack and crack waxing, if their relationship is fake, is Luke or Mo a better kisser and more. They answer a lot lot more on the Mr Paparazzi website so check them out!
21 Apr 2009
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I indulged myself a little with concentrating on my daughter at the Belize Regional Volleyball Championships in Toledo. The whole team from Ecumenical High School performed great, but this quick video shows Rebecca dominating the net.
6 Nov 2009
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A man speeds through the air with wings and rockets on his back in Bex, Switzerland.
21 May 2008
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From: Daiva Balcikonyte To: bex dawkins; Stacey Etwareea Sent: 31 August 2017 07:39 Subject: Dear Bex and Stacey Dear Bex and Stacey, I would like to be compensated for the following matters that had happened yesterday, 30 August 2017: 1. For Leanda Augustin suspending me for no proper reason at all 2. For her making the need for me to go to poo so distressed and offended as if I went to the loo to waste the time on purpose and if went to do something grossly criminal 3. For her writing additional illegal deductions from my wages on the rota 4. For her stating twice the amount of time I was in the bathroom, on the rota 5. For her divesting my legal right to a a copy of the rota 6. For her assaulting me by grabbing the rota from my hands by force 7. For her accusing me and criminating me that I assaulted her 8. For her not apologising that she assaulted me 9. For her divesting my legal right to a written notice of suspending me, so I could leave the building during my shift 10. For her threatening me with security police in order to escort me from the building 11. For her making me feel like a criminal to be thrown out of the building 12. For her ignoring me when I spoke and explained reasons why I need those documents before I leave the building 13. For her ignoring me to such an extent that I had to repeat my requests to her a dozen times jet she kept ignoring me 14. For her shouting at me and causing me a headache and for raising my voice so she could hear me explaining to her 15. For her not stating any legal reasons why I was told to leave the building while my shift has not ended 16. For her ignoring the security’s confirmation that I am right 17. For her making such drastic decisions without making a meeting about it, without consulting any other manager about it
20 Dec 2017
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Canli Yayinda Olan Oldu
26 Mar 2012
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18 May 2008
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bex, vitia, goga mountain 2004 m
25 Feb 2009
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cold men... bex, vitia, goga. crazy travel...
25 Feb 2009
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