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The BFL back in the day, when it started! Yeah we used to play on concrete!
31 Dec 2008
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9 Jan 2010
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This video shows how to achieve proper intensity and how to achieve a true "10".
3 Feb 2009
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On the Body for Life Road Trip transformation, we stopped at the Grand Canyon to watch the sunrise. Later that day, we continued our journey to Hoover Dam. grand canyon hoover dam sunrise bfl road trip body for life bill phillips transformation Distributed by Tubemogul.
17 Jul 2008
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A video presentation of the complete line of D. O. A. soft plastic fishing lures, including the New BFL ( big fishing lure) and all the old fish killing stand byes. See how to rig a Chug Head for top water soft plastic action.
12 Jun 2009
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Meet John & Grace Crutchfield, the keepers of 82 acres of undeveloped land known as the BFL (Brackenridge Field Laboratory). For the last 40 years, the Crutchfields have kept the BFL track running smoothly for researchers and students alike.
7 Jul 2009
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Part II Weight Loss Boot Camp - Brian Tyler We learn more about Brian and the reasons it is hard for him to lose weight. Distributed by Tubemogul.
29 May 2008
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Turbo MotorSport's official web site - *******
3 Aug 2008
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Turbo MotorSport's official site - *******
3 Aug 2008
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How do you lose weight quick? Very easy. How do you lose body fat...well, that takes a bit of effort. This video will show you how I lost weight and gained weight right in front of your eyes!
30 Sep 2008
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How can you lose 5 pounds over night? I did! I have been losing body fat and gaining muscles and here are my before and after photos
6 Oct 2008
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*******www.junkfooddietsite**** If you are looking for body for life recipes, I don’t blame you! I did the body for life contest back in 2001, and although I lost a ton of weight and got in the best shape of my life, there was only so much egg whites, tuna and chicken breasts I could take. Towards the end, my cravings were driving me crazy and as soon as I finished I pigged out and gained the weight back. I then spent the next 7 years trying to lose that fat again. Problem was I got to the point now that I couldn’t even stomach the Body For Life Authorised foods. I was literally dry reaching when I was chewing them! So I too began looking for body for life recipes. I came across Eating For Life, which had some great ones. What I noticed was that when following these body for life recipes, I was still losing fat just as fast eating “chicken enchiladas” or his “high protein cheesecake” as I was when I was eating just tuna and an apple, or egg whites and oatmeal. Being a dieting tragic though I still found it too hard to stick to. So after 7 years, I looked exactly the same because I would go between short periods of dieting, to long periods of pigging out! Then one day I thought back to this time of Body For Life Recipes and realised that no matter what I ate, I lost fat at the same rate. It dawned on me that maybe I should just focus on HOW MUCH food I am eating as opposed to WHAT food I was eating. So I threw away all those rules like 6 meals a day, eating only lean protein, eating a protein and carb portion in every meal, eating only certain carbs...and instead focused solely on creating a calorie deficit. I lost 35 pounds of fat, 6.5 inches of flab off my waist and got a ripped six pack that was so ridiculously easy I have managed to maintain it quite comfortably. I did this all while eating my favourite cereals, breads, burgers, chips and pasta dishes whenever felt like it. And I didn’t have to turn down food, and I got to enjoy myself when out dining, at family BBQs or at a fast food restaurant. Look I mean no disrespect to the Body For Life Program, it has obviously worked for thousands of people...who have the discipline! I just feel that if you are looking for Body For Life recipes then you might be like me and really love your food (and aren’t really prepared to give up that freedom!). If this is the case you might want to stop over to my website where I have a free video for you which outlines my weight loss journey, my eventual transformation and a special report. Get them all by heading on over to *******www.junkfooddietsite**** Do it now while its fresh on your mind. I know this might sound too good to be true, and I understand if your sceptical. But don’t let your doubt stop you from taking action and checking out the free video, it might very well be exactly what you are looking for. You will never know unless you check it out. Don’t waste another day fighting your temptation and cravings when you can lose fat and get ripped eating foods you love. *******www.junkfooddietsite****
7 Feb 2011
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a video created for all woman doing what they gotta do to get it right motivational rap video
21 Oct 2011
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2 Feb 2008
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Mastix SA, Route Aloys-Fauquez 28, 1018 Lausanne, Suisse, Tél: +41 21 648 29 49, Email:, La société Mastix SA fabrique et commercialise les bandes BFL–Mastix: un système de bandes conçu pour assurer l'étanchéité à long terme des joints, en s'adaptant aux déformations des ouvrages en béton.
10 Oct 2011
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